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How this Rakhi will be different for kids?

How this Rakhi will be different for kids? Rakshabandhan is an Indian Festival to celebrate the innate bond between brothers and ...

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Home Quarantine Routine With Your Kids

In this period when everyone is at home, there are a lot of chances that lying in bed is the ...

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Celebrating the Contribution of Women in our Lives

A woman is miraculous in her own way. No matter what may come, she stands beside sacrificing her own hay! A ...

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Motivational Things to do by Parents

What can a parent do to motivate kids?

Super Motivational things a parent can do for their childĀ    Parents have the greatest power to groom their kids in a ...

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Celebrating Lohri, Makar Sankranti & Pongal with kids

Celebration of festival is also an art and when this celebration is with the kids, it becomes all the more ...

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Top 10 Life skills education in schools

A child always needs a guidance on how to differentiate between right and wrong. Parents are often seen guiding the ...

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Many children playing in treehouse illustration

Best ways of Early Childhood Care and Education

'Real Play' is better than 'Pretend Play' in Early Education years You often must have heard that children learn in a ...

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Problem of Child Obesity and excessive weight gain

CHILDHOOD AND OBESITY It is important that we understand that obesity is bad for people of all ages. Obesity in childhood ...

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TOP NEW AND PROFITABLE BUSINESS IDEA FOR 2020 Year 2020 is approaching! It's time to think afresh and start afresh. Do not ...

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Tips For keeping your child warm, this winter

How to blanket your child this winter?   Safeguard against the chilling weather is a need for all. Adults too need due ...

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8 Ways to Motivate Your Child to Succeed in School

Your child is naturally curious and eager to learn. By making school and homework as pressure-free as possible, you can help protect him from stress and boost his academic achievement.   Show enthusiasm for your child’s interests and encourage her to explore subjects that fascinate her. If she’s a horse nut, offer her stories about riding or challenge her to […]

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