Celebrating the Passion and Spirit of the Orange Army with Bachpan

Orange Army Bachpan

The Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) team has been a major source of pride for the people of Hyderabad ever since its inception in 2013. The Orange Army, as they are affectionately known, has captured the hearts of fans across the country with their passion, spirit, and unwavering dedication to the game of cricket. One of the key partners of SRH is […]

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Effectiveness of an established school name for a kid

established school

Parents are always looking for opportunities to enhance services and facilities for their kids. When it comes to choosing a kids’ school for their child, they want to go for a name that is already established rather than the one which is on the surge of building. Several nuances make an established name bigger than a startup. Taking nothing away […]

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Enrolling your toddler to Preschool? Right Time for Playschool Admissions!

A common question that arises frequently amongst young parents is what might be the right time to send their kids to play school or opt for the Preschool Admission. Along with this, comes a suggestion to directly opt for Nursery School Admissions or LKG (Lower Kinder Garden). You are not the only parents going through this dilemma. This is the […]

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12 Years of Bachpan: A Journey of Innovation and Transformation of Preschool Education

A trusted brand, counted among the top names in its field, over 1000 play schools & 100 formal schools across the nation, fully functional smart classes with complete digital content, and other technical advancements like introduction of speak-o-pens & more… Started in the year 2005, the ambitious project of providing affordable early education to children at their doorsteps, SK Educations […]

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Early Childhood Education and Changing Technology

Modernity has been a widely debated topic in the field of academics, in general. It refers to the structural change that society went through as a result of industrialization, urbanization and political changes. A modern society is a society capable of providing more options of growth, individualism, and a society demanding exploration of new ideas. The technological advancements in a […]

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Bachpan Opens Its 18th School in Jaipur: A Gift For City Kids

Today we take another step towards education with one more school under the banner of Bachpan … a play school. India’s favourite chain of playschools grows by another school, and each new school is a step towards growth. Bachpan playschools are known for their well-structured curriculum for children for better learning. Students at Bachpan playschools not only study, instead, they […]

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