Where We’re Coming From

The Story of Bachpan

Since the inception of Bachpan in 2004, we have had rapid acceptance from parents. With our state-of-the-art preschool curriculum, top-notch infrastructure, age-appropriate pedagogy, and seamless kindergarten admission process, we initially established over 100 preschools in just 3 years. Every year, 2 lac+ students experience the wholesome Bachpan world in our 1200+ preschools across India and Nepal.

Working on the franchise model, we also opened up the best franchise opportunities for every aspiring entrepreneur, thus becoming India’s leading preschool in every way, in addition to being a favourite one. At present, 60% of the directors in our nursery schools are women, and we have never been prouder at the all-encompassing role we continue to play in society.


Secure the Safest Possible Learning Space for Your Child

Safety-Rich Bachpan

Every child has a treasure trove of potential. The preschool curriculum and every kindergarten in India need to adapt to the child and explore that potential. Amidst all this, their safety and security are of utmost importance, therefore we take all possible measures to keep your child safe, secure, and thriving.

24/7 CCTV supervision, GPS-enabled school vehicles, staff background checks, regular training and upgradation, emergency and disaster readiness, and good sanitation and hygiene are some of the measures that set Bachpan Play School apart from many.

What is special about us?

A Bird’s Eye View of Our World

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    Integrating Tech-Learning Tools

    With modern learning tools like Speak-O-Kit, Robotime, Smart Classes, and Virtual Reality (VR), we successfully integrate technology into nursery schools for making your child absolutely future-ready.

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    Creating Recreational Interests

    Blending learning and technology , Bachpan is the best preschool franchise that engages every little learner in a variety of fun-filled recreational activities. This enhances their self-esteem and also their lifelong learning.

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    Promoting Holistic Development

    As the best preschool franchise that Bachpan is, the holistic development of the Bachpanites is our prime concern. We strive to encourage and facilitate their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive well-being.

Our Milestones

Every year is a milestone achieved!

2004Bachpan Was Born
20051st Branch in Ambala
2006In-House Publication of Books
2007100+ Branches in Only 3 years
2008Launched Preschool Uniforms
2009Launched Academic Heights Public School (AHPS)
2010Ranked as a Top Preschool Brand
2011500+ Bachpan Play Schools
2012Expanded to 250+ Team Members
2013Teamed Up With Prismart Productions
2014Made It to 1000+ Branches
2015Launched Speak-O-Kit
2016100+ Formal Schools in 7 years
2017Boosted Digital Learning
2018Incorporated AR & VR
2019Launched Bachpan LIVE
2020Upgraded Tech-Driven Learning
2021Crafted Advanced Programs for Kids
2022Devised the 360° Support App
2023Partnered With SunRisers Hyderabad Cricket Team