Mr. Ajay Gupta

Founder & CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Mr. Ajay Gupta is a prominent and award-winning Delhi-based edupreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of Bachpan (India’s leading play school chain with 1200+ branches) and Academic Heights Public School (India’s leading K–12 school chain with 120+ branches). Owing to his vision of an inclusive India and making a social impact, he associated with Rishihood University as a Co-Founder in 2015. Also, he is the Founder of Hum Honge Kamyab (HHK) Foundation and Co-Founder of Prismart Productions.

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Mr. S.K. Gupta


Mr. S.K. Gupta is a dedicated businessman who has vast experience in diverse segments, ranging from export to education.

Mr. Tijay Gupta

COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Known for his strong personality, Mr. Tijay Gupta is the COO of Bachpan. With his sound business acumen and great expertise ...

Mr. N.K. Jain

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Regarded as the undisputed Iron Man of Bachpan, India’s leading preschool chain, N.K. Jain functions as its Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Executive Director.

Mr. Krishan Sharma

Vice President—Marketing & Support

With his 21+ years of experience as the Vice President of Marketing and Support at S.K. Educations, which has Bachpan under its aegis ...

Mrs. Rosy Ahuja

Vice President—Academics & R&D

With over three decades of experience, Mrs. Rosy Ahuja leads our R&D Department from the front.

Mrs. Uma Devi Subraveti

Vice President—R&D & Communication

As our Vice President (R&D and Communication), Mrs. Uma Devi Subraveti wields a power ...

Mr. Deepak Deopa

Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Deepak Deopa’s 15+ years of experience in designing, banking, and teaching, combined with his exceptional technical expertise ...

Mrs. Deepshikha Gupta


Mrs. Deepshikha Gupta is the Director at S.K. Educations Pvt. Ltd. Her 30+ years of experience in the educational field ...