Brighten Up Your Child’s Early Childhood With India’s Best Play School

Nursery Class Admission at BACHPAN

Looking for Nursery class admission? Our age-appropriate programs and unique concept rooms focus on developing your child’s cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and language abilities and thus lay a strong foundation for their future success. We have a track record of thousands of satisfied parents and lakhs of happy children, whose journeys started on a wonderful note by filling in our play school admission form. Choosing Bachpan means choosing the best preschool experience for your child! Preschool Admission Open. Enrol your child today and join our legacy, experience, and expertise of 20+ years in early childhood education, ensuring a future filled with happiness, success, and prosperity for your child. Kyunki Bachpan Sirf Ek Baar Aata Hai!

Bachpan is your child’s way up the ladder of learning

Make Your Kid’s Bachpan Count Through India’s Top Preschool

Do you know that 90% of brain development happens by the age of six? At Bachpan playschool, we make sure that when you seek preschool admission for your child and fill in the play school admission form, you get the very best of everything. High-quality preschool education can help your child acquire and develop physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and communication abilities; and we have Speak-O-Kit, Robotime, Virtual Reality (VR), and Smart Classes that help us provide the high quality you are looking for! Our co-curricular activities and play-way methods are among the very best. Check out our preschool registration form, and let the adventure begin.

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Every room at Bachpan is a new adventure

Our Concept Rooms

According to Howard Gardner, a reputed Harvard psychologist, there is not one type but multiple types of intelligence, which can be used to create a more enriching educational experience! So, that’s what we do for your child through our unique concept rooms after your child's pre nursery admission at Bachpan.


Our posh AV Room appeals to your child’s audio-visual senses and enhances their learning retention. It makes every admission for pre nursery and kindergarten worthwhile.

AV Room


Our Play Area is filled with everything required for your child’s fun and laughter. This room is a wonderland for their kindergarten admission.

Play Area


Through our Art and Craft Room, we foster your child’s creativity and imagination. We have all the elements needed to make their kindergarten admission a great experience.

Art & Craft Room


Bachpan’s Doll Room has everything it takes to hone your child’s social skills and creative thinking. This room makes us stand out from other preschools.

Doll Room


Health is wealth, and our Gym Area takes care of that for your child’s overall well-being. It is completely age-appropriate and makes us a leading kindergarten in India.

Gym Room


Every child grows to their level best in our fun and colourful classrooms, us being the best preschool franchise ever. They indulge in innovative activities, narrate stories, and learn with Montessori toys.



Your little child learns about different colours and sizes in our Ball Room. We have designed this vibrant room as per the requirements of their age, animating their preschool curriculum.

Ball Room


Good food habits and dining etiquette pay for a lifetime. At our preschool, we focus precisely on that in the Dining Room and help your child develop socio-emotional intelligence as well.

Dining Room

Sprout Up Your Child’s Inner Genius With Our 35,000+ Hours of Research

SPROUT Curriculum

To help your child make the most of preschool admission, our SPROUT Curriculum was meticulously conceptualised by a distinguished team of subject matter experts, pedagogical innovators, seasoned educators, and curriculum designers in accordance with the NEP 2020 and the NCF 2023 guidelines, dedicating over 35,000 hours to committed research and development. Through an interdisciplinary approach and innovative teaching methodologies, SPROUT effectively caters to your child’s evolving educational needs in the 21st century. Thus, "Preschool Admission Open" has gained a whole new meaning today, owing to our continued efforts.

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We encourage your child to explore, question, dream, and be creative through SPROUT!

Personalised Learning

Leveraging innovative tech tools like VR (Virtual Reality), SPROUT creates unique learning paths for your child!

Readiness for Growth

We use a holistic approach for your child's sprouting through tech-driven and value-based activities!

Open Minds

SPROUT fosters not only academic excellence but also life skills needed for responsible leadership!

Unleashing Potential

Through cutting-edge technology, SPROUT transforms learning into an interactive adventure!

Tomorrow's Leaders

SPROUT fosters not only academic excellence but also life skills needed for responsible leadership!


Because Learning Should Be Exciting and Adventurous

Our Unique Teaching Methods

At Bachpan, we believe in combining Western patterns with traditional values to enhance your child's nursery class admission experience. Therefore, our preschool admission teaching methods follow the best and latest practices in the world.


Friedrich Froebel’s philosophy of education was based on the concepts of free self-expression, creativity, and social activity, more than curriculum and instruction. Froebel’s underlying message was that through experience, understanding comes alive.

Froebel Concept


Maria Montessori believed that education, rather than a rote transfer, must seek to serve the “whole child”. The concept respects the individual liberty of children to choose their own activities and indulge in a self-directed preschool fun curriculum.

Montessori Concept


A fundamental belief of Pestalozzi is that every child is born with natural powers and faculties—originally in an undeveloped state. These can be developed—they even contain an urge to develop—through activities in a preschool classroom.

Pestalozzi Concept


Herbert believed that education develops a good moral character in a child by inculcating moral lessons through the preschool classroom. Moral character, on a cultural level, is the set of moral behaviours to which a social group adheres.

Herbert Concept

Our USPs

6 Extra Benefits of Your Child's Preschool Admission in Bachpan

  1. Speak-O-Pen

    As a passive tech learning tool, our Speak-O-Pen is a favourite among preschoolers, and all books at our play schools are by default Speak-O-Books.

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  2. Smart Classes

    Powerful visuals, interactive videos, engaging quizzes, and the fact that all our Smart Classes content is mapped with the curriculum make Bachpan unique.

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  3. 360° Support App

    Our Bachpan 360° Support App contains 360+ stellar features, giving your child access to 500+ hours of educational digital content and integrated e-books.

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  4. VR (Virtual Reality)

    Our Bachpan Play School is the first-ever preschool in India to have integrated VR into the teaching-learning process for your child’s immersive learning.

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  5. Robotime

    Our Robotime Kit is a plus for every child at Bachpan, as it helps inculcate problem-solving abilities, critical thinking skills, and logical competence in them.

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  6. Innovative Programs

    We organise various programs and extracurricular activities for the holistic growth of your child, such as the Bachpan Baby Carnival, Olympiads, and ABCD.

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Children Love Bachpan& So Do Parents!

Any Questions? We Have Got All the Answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Enrol My Child in Bachpan?

If your child is 1.5 years old or older, pre nursery admission would be great for your child’s holistic development.

Will I Be Involved in My Child’s Learning?

We make every little effort to keep the parents up to date with their child’s progress and also play a role in that. We organise PTMs and events from time to time. Moreover, our 360° Support App not only allows you to pay your child’s fee online, check homework and timetable, and get free e-learning content (among others), but it also allows you to garner the teacher’s feedback about your child’s progress on a regular basis.

What Is the Bachpan Fee Structure?

Parents (seeking preschool admission for their kids) are requested to visit the nearest Bachpan school to know about the optimal fee structure.

What Is the Vision of Bachpan?

Our vision is to equip every child of pre nursery admission age with skills that would help them grow into compassionate, steadfast, and strong individuals ready to take on the world.

What Does My Child Learn at Bachpan?

Bachpan lays the foundation for not only your child’s formal education but also for your child’s life ahead. We make sure that your child getting playschool admission learns about the basics of English, Maths, General Knowledge, and Good Habits as well as excels in the ways of the world.

Why Bachpan for My Child’s Pre-Primary Admission?

We make use of the latest learning aids and technology to provide every child the best preschool experience. Our smart classes, Speak-O-Kit, Robotime, and Virtual Reality (VR) make us stand out in the segment. Our concept rooms, storytelling sessions, puppet theatre, and innovative extracurricular activities are cherries on the cake.

How Many Bachpan Play Schools Are in India?

We have 1200+ preschools across the country, running on the franchise model and making us the leading play school. Locate the nearest Bachpan playschool through our website and come and visit us.

What After Bachpan?

Academic Heights Public School (AHPS) is our extension into formal education by which we provide every Bachpanite with the same premium experience he/she receives at Bachpan.

Who Founded Bachpan Playschool?

Mr. Ajay Gupta founded Bachpan playschool in 2004. He is a successful serial entrepreneur in diverse segments like education, healthcare, and social impact.

Is Bachpan Safe for My Child?

Yes, we have 24×7 CCTV surveillance and hire all the teaching and non-teaching staff with proper background checks. We keep a positive and well-maintained school environment to ensure total safety and security. Our 360° Support App even allows the parents to track their child’s school vehicle.