Fun Creates learning

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Speak-o-kit, more commonly known as, a set of talking books & talking pens is a learning tool which was introduced for the very first time by Bachpan. It aims to inculcate self reliance, self learning & greater retention power amongst students. It is 100% mapped with the school curriculum. Read more...

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Robotics develops critical thinking & moreover it's a favorite activity for kids at Bachpan. It polishes a child's thinking skills & parents are sure to observe how brilliantly their child learns to assemble blocks in the Robotime Kit. Level wise kits are specialized as per child's learning needs.  Read more...

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Smart Classes are must for new age education wherein children should know how to understand concepts through learning tools. It is important that a teacher portrays the academic content on-screen which will awaken all their senses to domains of new learning experience. Read more...

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At Bachpan, children under the age group of 2 to 5 years learn through live examples, virtually. This is enchanting indeed! Traveling to places sitting in a classroom is possible with the VR head gears. The 3D viewing & the practicality associated to theoretical places make concepts easy to understand. Read more...

Bachpan Play School

Starting from 2004, Bachpan has completed almost 15 years of successful years in education segment and have over 1200 operating play schools across India. From Kashmir in the north to Kanyakumari in the south Bachpan have established branches in Nepal and Bangladesh. Bachpan: A place where eminence in learning is felt. The amazing part of this kind of learning is that this power and fun in learning is felt both by parents and the kids. They foresee a Bachpan which is not just in learning numbers and alphabets but far beyond that. Technology which has seeped deep in the Bachpanites is a gift which will be cherished for long. Why not moms and dads wouldn’t want to join a preschool and live childhood, THE BACHPAN WAY!

Our Educational Initiatives

Academic Heights Public School

Academic Heights Public School has been set up keeping in mind the ultimate vision of grooming achievers and leaders of the future. It is a continued effort of the makers of Bachpan… play school, venturing into a formal schooling branch with same love and affection into a competitive educational market.


Prismart is a leading e-solution formulating venture and a technical arm to Bachpan – the play school. With all the latest technical tools such as Pritab, Prismart Magic Box, Wireless Reading Pen, etc. Prismart provides an interactive key to the fulfilled knowledge imparted in the Bachpan schools all across the chain.

Rishihood University

With expansion at pace, the maker of Bachpan and AHPS are introducing a formal certification panel and arena for higher studies with Rishihood University that will be rooting in the branches of Education, Law, Agriculture, Commerce and Food technology. This university is on cards and will be inaugurated soon this year. is an inventory support platform for bachpanites and their parents, specially designed to buy the school-related material online without any hustle. Through the medium of this platform, parents can directly buy the school dresses, equipment, educational aids etc. without any intermediary in between.

Bachpan Play School Value Chain


Health Check-up

We organize regular health check-up camps for providing a healthy playschool environment to the little ones.


Montessori Toys

Our curriculum includes learning through Montessori toys, to develop the fine motor skills in a child.


Modular Furniture

Use of German-enabled technology helps us to create the masterpieces of modular furniture for our preschools.


Play-way methods

We focus on developing a child holistically using play-way methods and do not enforce learning through books only.


After School Fun

Our programs such as Saturday Club and Activity Junction helps in engaging children in the after-school liveliness.


Prioritizing Hygiene

We worship the place of learning and thus, maintaining hygiene around the school is always on our priority list.


Teaching Aids

Our specialized teaching aids help in imparting the lessons with efficiency and effectiveness for better retention.


Bachpan Academy

Bachpan Academy is running NTT courses for teachers looking forward to joining tiny tots by profession.

Bachpan Play School