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Namita Minocha
My twin daughters have completed their preschooling from this school and are excited to go ahead with their studies. They’ve gained a lot of things from this platform. Both of my girls constantly keep talking to everyone about their preschool. I personally recommend this school to every preschooler’s mum.
Tanya Mehta
I had a really fruitful experience by enrolling three of my kids in such a warm and loving environment. It is the sole hard work and sheer determination of the makers and the mentors that they’re constantly upgrading the learning pattern for Montessori kids. Wishing Bachpan preschool a continuous success.
Mitika Sareen
I think I made the best choice to enroll my child in Bachpan play school. It’s happy to hear so many classroom tales from him each day. I noticed that my child has overcome the shyness and is openly taking initiatives to converse with everyone. I appreciate the efforts made by the teachers and other staff members!
Shivani Singh
My toddler was very fussy about the idea of going to Kindergarten. It’s just been a month that I’ve enrolled him in Bachpan preschool, and now he is enthusiastically engaged in every activity and program followed in school. I am very glad to see this change in him. Thanks to Bachpan Montessori.
Jeevika Abbi
It’s really amazing to know that this preschool is using the latest technology in such a productive manner and making our kids learn in the best way possible. We are glad that our kids are using technology in the right manner at such a young age. Good luck to the play school!
Tushar Rathore
Bachpan – a play school addresses every need of each child, ranging from education needs to emotional and social wellbeing. It’s pleasurable to have a safe environment for kids other than home. Thanks for grooming my child. It is my personal preference for every toddler looking for a brighter future.

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