Bachpan Opens Its 18th School in Jaipur: A Gift For City Kids

Today we take another step towards education with one more school under the banner of Bachpan … a play school. India’s favourite chain of playschools grows by another school, and each new school is a step towards growth. Bachpan playschools are known for their well-structured curriculum for children for better learning. Students at Bachpan playschools not only study, instead, they learn, and they enjoy learning.

A Bachpan playschool is now open in Mansarovar in the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan. This is the 18th Bachpan playschool in Jaipur, and this number will only increase with time. The inauguration of the school was done by Mr. Sachin Gupta on 20th November 2016. Chief Guests at the Inauguration Ceremony was attended by Mr. Ram Charan Vohra, Member of Parliament, Jaipur;  Mrs. Suman Sharma, Chairperson, Rajasthan State Women Commission; Mr. Ram Gopal Parik, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Jaipur; Mr. Vinod Aman, State Member, Vipra Foundation; Mr. Mukesh Dadheech, State Secretary, Bhartiya Janta Party, Rajasthan; and Mr. Vishnu Lata, Chairman, Licence Committee, Jaipur.

Bachpan Play School Mansarovar, Jaipur

Bachpan Play School Mansarovar, Jaipur

The school has everything that Bachpan playschools are known for: AV Room, Prismart Magic and other concept rooms that are distinctive to Bachpan. Prismart Magic is an e-learning system for students where they learn by watching video content. It not only makes them enjoy while learning, but they also become eager to learn more. This enhances the effectiveness of learning, plus they learn more in less time. Preschool education is crucial to every child’s life as it prepares him/her for the formal education ahead. If the first step of the education is taken and given right guidance, the whole journey becomes easier and more enjoyable. That is the reason why Bachpan is trying out new methods every day to enhance the quality of preschool education and how it can be imbibed in students so they learn better.


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