Effectiveness of an established school name for a kid

established school

Parents are always looking for opportunities to enhance services and facilities for their kids. When it comes to choosing a kids’ school for their child, they want to go for a name that is already established rather than the one which is on the surge of building. Several nuances make an established name bigger than a startup. Taking nothing away […]

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Patriotism In Children: A Feeling To Be Instilled, Not To Be Taught!

Every child at a tender age is looking up to you for knowing and understanding what patriotism is all about. Answer them graciously and give complete answers with a strong backed reason as to why loving your own country is too important a thing. What is the meaning of ‘Patriotism’? A feeling of belongingness, love and pride towards your nation […]

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Technology And Early Education

– A mixed influence on Preschool Learning! Today’s generation is born with the skills to become excellent and super fast learners. They have an innate passion to explore, learn and live with fast-paced experiences. To help the preschoolers grow and excel academically, use of technology in the right fashion is essential. Toddlers and Technology – What’s the matter? Children are […]

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Encouraging Learning And Development In The Home Using Technology

Children surrounded by background noise from the television and older siblings are less likely to learn new words, according to a study conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Therefore, it’s important that pre-schools and parents provide quiet spaces for children to learn in. However, to really facilitate a child’s development at home, the use of technology is highly promoted by […]

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Increasing Weight on Tiny Shoulders: Schoolbags and Education System!

With increasing levels of knowledge, the burden of school bag is also increasing. Recently, lots of debates have been surrounding the topic of school bags and their heaviness. Back in the 1980’s, a renowned novelist, RK Narayan highlighted the issue of the heaviness of school bags in Rajya Sabha. While the debates clouded the matter, the committee issued certain instructions […]

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7 Things to Consider before Buying a Playschool Franchise

Getting into an educational sector from a business perspective is something that definitely benefits every being. With population increasing at a rapid speed, along with the developing minds, the demand for actively working and qualitative playschools is also increasing. Every parent is keen to enroll their children in the best of playschool for an advanced initial stage development. Now, with […]

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