Encouraging Learning And Development In The Home Using Technology

Children surrounded by background noise from the television and older siblings are less likely to learn new words, according to a study conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Therefore, it’s important that pre-schools and parents provide quiet spaces for children to learn in. However, to really facilitate a child’s development at home, the use of technology is highly promoted by educational professionals.

Creating the perfect environment at home

The perfect quiet space for your child to study and learn in should be comfortable. Therefore, consider soft play mats and bean bags for young children to sink into. It’s also wise to paint the area in a calming color such as blue or green to ensure that your child isn’t over-stimulated when in the environment. In addition to providing handheld gadgets, consider a mounting a large touchscreen device on the wall so that the opportunity to be interactive is readily available.

Introducing technology


According to The Epoch Times, 63% of children have access to a computer within their home. Meanwhile, 27% use the internet on a daily basis. When linked up to the latest technology in your property, the internet is a great learning tool for children learning to read. Consider providing your child with a smart speaker in their quiet learning space as these speakers will read aloud to your child. Being read to and hearing words is one of the most effective ways for children to learn to read. Meanwhile, download reading apps on your child’s tablet to further encourage their reading through games and phonics.

Online safety

Unfortunately, the internet comes with its drawbacks. In order to keep your child safe when using the internet on the latest pieces of technology, installing parental controls is a must. 9 out of 10 parents state they find these controls useful, according to Internet Matters. Parental controls will prevent your child from being able to access and download content and apps which aren’t intended for their age group. Additionally, they also allow parents to control when and how long their child can access the internet. This is particularly beneficial for parents with children who frequently retreat to their quiet study space alone.

Every parent knows the importance of learning on their child’s development. Therefore, to provide the best learning environment and opportunities for your child, be sure to offer them a functional quiet study and learning space in their own home. And, don’t forget to incorporate the latest technology into the design to further enhance their interest.

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