Cherish the Preschool Fun at Home with these Parent-friendly Activities!

With a spurt rise in everyday expenses, most parents are busy trying to earn a living to make sure that their children go to good schools to have the best education within their affordable spirits.  As a result, they are so tired that when they return home, they often end up ignoring their children on the offset of the day. Consequently, children are found sitting in front of the television till it is time for bed. That’s the most common case found in households with children these days.

But it is essential that parents do not leave all the ‘fun’ and ‘activities’ for the teacher, they too must spend some time showing children that whatever is available at home can also be adjusted and created into something that is stimulating and entertaining.

Activities for Parents to Conduct at Home

Read out these superbly interesting home activities to engage your child and have a preschool fun at home itself. These activities will not only entertain you and your child but will also help you to build a bond that is closer to your heart.

  • Surprising Story Time

A simple story read out loud by a mother or father can become a ‘favorite’ one.  Read with expression, try to change your voice with every character, show the children the pictures in the book.  You could even try enacting out the story with both ‘Mama and Papa’ role-playing. The excitement and laughter will change the atmosphere at home.

  • DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Dollhouse

A dollhouse is often costly and bulky and then includes more expenses when you have to furnish it.  Instead, take a cardboard box, allow the child to paint it with her favorite colors, cut out windows, throw in a few cushions or some spare ‘dupattas’ you might have lying around and your house is ready.  The child can sit in it and even have a meal or two in the house that she built and decorated.  If the child doesn’t like the idea of turning the cardboard box into a house, turn it into a ‘pretend’ car asking ‘Papa’ to push it around a few times so that he feels he is ‘driving’.

  • Follow the Leader

The onset of monsoon brings diseases and more diseases. Hence, it is advised to not let children out in the parks or around for playing. This makes the little ones bored and restless with all the pent-up energy.  Both the child and the mother or father can benefit from ‘follow the leader’.  You can ‘exercise’ by swinging your arms, touching your toes, running in one place, stretching your arms towards the ceiling, etc.  Tell your child to imitate your actions, he or she will be thrilled to be able to do the same thing that you are doing and will also make him or her feel more adult-like.  This will release all the extra energy, keeping both of you healthier as well as build up a good appetite.

  • Shopping Spree


Children enjoy filling up bags and baskets. Set up a grocery store, use empty or ‘nearly empty’ boxes you might have at home.  You can also use some small containers which can be easily handled by your children.  Children will learn the names of not only the items you are ‘selling’ but also numbers.  Items can be counted when setting up and asking ‘how many’ and ‘selling’ – encourage the child to ask the cost of everything.  If the child has begun learning addition and subtraction in school, items and prices can be added or taken away, thus revising math concepts and skills.

Activities at home allow you to spend time with your child, have fun with him and also mold him in various ways.  Make them part of your and your child’s schedule and watch the expressions of joy and thrill on his face every time you are together. Isn’t it fun!!!

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