Enrolling your toddler to Preschool? Right Time for Playschool Admissions!

A common question that arises frequently amongst young parents is what might be the right time to send their kids to play school or opt for the Preschool Admission. Along with this, comes a suggestion to directly opt for Nursery School Admissions or LKG (Lower Kinder Garden). You are not the only parents going through this dilemma. This is the most common question that parents seem to ask the counselors, psychologists, and school teachers.

The answer too is paradoxical. Only you can tell if it’s time for your kid to leave for school. This decision can be taken after observing your child, his/her daily habits and most of all, a correct routine.

Situation 1 – Both you and your partner are busy at work and none of you are able to take care of your child like you wish to…

  • If this is the case, then send your child to play school. Play schools nowadays enroll toddlers starting from 2 years of age. After the Playschool Admissions, kids will be busy with productive activities. The whole curriculum is designed by experts in such a way that the best possible development of a child will take place. It is perfect for working couples who don’t wish to leave their kids with nannies. They are an informal version of preschool and are open even during summer and winter vacations.

Situation 2 – If you or your partner has enough time to take care of your child.

  • If this is the case, then you can opt for Preschool Admission when your child is 2 and a half years to 3 years of age. Preschools are more formal and they tend to give kids the right atmosphere to develop a disciplined temperament for school.

Other than this, there are certain factors to consider before making a decision to enroll your child in a playschool or preschool.

  1. How mature is your kid?

If your child is disciplined enough, is accustomed to a timetable, behaves well in your absence and has crossed 3 years, then go for Nursery School Admissions. If your child is fussy and does not obey or understands much, then a direct way to nursery school will not fetch your outcomes. So, preschool education is necessary.

  1. The age of your kid.

If your child is younger than 2 years, and you wish him/her to get used to a timetable, then parents can opt for the Playschool Admissions. If your child has crossed 3 years and has learned basic mannerism at home, then send him/her directly to nursery school.

  1. The preschool itself.

Most of the preschools state the minimum requirement in terms of age, discipline, the ability of the kid to stay away from parents for a long time etc. If you have an eye on any school, which, according to you is THE school for your kid then it would be wise for you to start looking for the details and applications, a couple of months before the school session begins.

Different people say different things, but no one knows your kid better than you. No answer is right or wrong, whatever you decide will be the best for your child.

What is important is your child should get the right foundation structure in the most crucial age of development…

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