How is play-based learning in pre nursery school different?

Pre nursery school

Play-based learning has created its space in the hearts of children and the minds of the parents. It is because of the qualities it offers and comforts it provides to both parents and children. Children experience freedom in it and parents are relieved that their kids are learning as per their wishes. Every pre nursery school has fetched numerous innovative […]

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Enrolling your toddler to Preschool? Right Time for Playschool Admissions!

A common question that arises frequently amongst young parents is what might be the right time to send their kids to play school or opt for the Preschool Admission. Along with this, comes a suggestion to directly opt for Nursery School Admissions or LKG (Lower Kinder Garden). You are not the only parents going through this dilemma. This is the […]

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