How is play-based learning in pre nursery school different?

Pre nursery school

Play-based learning has created its space in the hearts of children and the minds of the parents. It is because of the qualities it offers and comforts it provides to both parents and children. Children experience freedom in it and parents are relieved that their kids are learning as per their wishes. Every pre nursery school has fetched numerous innovative ways to adopt play-based learning in their curriculum. It offers a variety to the kids and they are not bored of it quickly. On the other hand, early education in a formal school has no difference from primary and secondary education. The kids have to follow a set of syllabus and practice academic curriculum with less play and more theory.

The early years of a child are the most formative and productive years of one’s life. Keeping this in mind, any parent would want their kids to grow up to their potential and live the childhood that they deserve.


Here are some benefits that your kid would enjoy because of play-based learning at a pre nursery school:


  • Makes way for better Communication: Playing is the best way to teach communication to a kid. When kids play, they learn through instructions, ask questions and react to several signs and symbols. All of it gives them a detailed view of how communication functions. Any playway school can provide certain teachers, peers that would encourage communication skills of a child.


  • Boosts Social and Emotional Development: We all live in a society and we need to develop social and emotional skills to survive and grow within the society. At a tender age, kids are given proper activities and equipment that are relatable to them. It gives them exposure to several emotional aspects that lie under them. We can say that any school for pre nursery can lay the foundation for a child’s emotional and social growth.


  • Builds Creativity: Engaging activities gives a boost to the curiosity of children. They try to find innovative ways to solve a puzzle or read a rhyme. Everything at a pre nursery school is designed to build creativity and boost the imagination of a child. Soft toys, games, and activities are a part of preschool methods that give a child exposure to the real world.


  • Enhances Problem Solving Skills: This facet of growth is almost the same at all types of preschool. The activities are all about creating an atmosphere that gives children an opportunity to solve different problems and work on cognitive growth. It is essential to indulge children in a fun way as it should not be a burden for them and they should enjoy their cognitive growth. It prepares them well for the studies they have to do further and the world they need to face outside.


  • Develops Motor Skills: The physical activities in the play-based learning methods help the child in moving and being physically active. When a child gets engaged with physical activities in the early years, he/she pushes the limits and the body develops to its potential which is very important for a healthy and sound future.


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