12 Years of Bachpan: A Journey of Innovation and Transformation of Preschool Education

A trusted brand, counted among the top names in its field, over 1000 play schools & 100 formal schools across the nation, fully functional smart classes with complete digital content, and other technical advancements like introduction of speak-o-pens & more…

Started in the year 2005, the ambitious project of providing affordable early education to children at their doorsteps, SK Educations group has managed to achieve a position which not all private sector players manage to achieve. Most importantly, it has stayed; for a time long enough to command respect and trust of people involved & interested in the institution. Today, the institute thrives on its reputation and confidence of parents who have chosen this institute for their children. It continues to expand itself in terms of its outreach & ability to better mould the future of children.

12 years of excellence

Educational institutions thrive on the reputation they build for themselves over a period of time. An institution of good repute and long standing entrenches itself in the minds of community & becomes an obvious choice over any other institute/school. This task of building a reputation becomes more important in the case of a private institute. Private educational institutions always face the challenge of staying relevant for a period of time before they catch the eye of general public & their faith. Stability & commitment required on part of the administration are two virtues of a successful institute that are prone to whims of a private investor. Fortunately, Bachpan falls on the right side of things in every regard. The fact that it has been around now for more than a decade with all machineries in place and a vision to only grow from here makes it a ride worth hopping on.

Technological innovations in the field of learning

A private educational institution is not all dubious & whimsical either. There is a reason why private education has flourished across the country & that reason is its ability to be the leader in the field of innovation & research. The additional advantage of funds enables such institutions to go the extra mile in the field of research. BACHPAN is the best representation of such results oriented research. The growth of Bachpan has coincided with the technological growth of the country as a whole, and Bachpan has been instrumental in capturing this transition. The group realized the growing need of changing the methods of educating & consumption of knowledge by children. As a result of this realization, the school has introduced concepts such as PriSmart & invested in technological items such as speak-o-pen.

PriSmart is one of the most noted achievements in the last few years. The concept revolved around making classrooms a more interactive place by ensuring eagerness and interest on part of the students. As a result, the entire syllabus turned digital and conventional methods of teachings were dispensed with.

Another achievement has been regarding the development of speak-o-pen. As the name suggests, it is a pen that speaks. Broadly, it requires students to place the pen on top of the written content and the pen reads the content for children while also providing meaning for difficult words. The technology is still in its initial stages and merits a separate post dedicated to it entirely.

Thus, technological advancement is one such field where Bachpan has grown immensely over the last few years and a lot more is being planned over the next few years.



1000+ schools across the nation

Another field of advancement has been the strength of the institute and its outreach. The 12 years of Bachpan have seen continuous expansion in terms of franchise play schools spread across the country, and today the group boasts of a wide network of schools with no halt in sight. The group has now a dedicated team of employees working towards inclusive growth of all franchise schools and a lot of efforts have been made to ensure that every franchise stays ahead of the time. In order to achieve its stated aim of providing quality pre schooling at every doorstep, the group has a stated mechanism is place for inviting new franchises and experienced employees to overlook the entire process. Needless to say, quality has always taken precedence over quantity.

Counted among the top 5 play schools of the country

Keeping up with its objective of providing quality education and better prospects for the young ones of the nation, the play school chain has been constantly ranked among the top institutions of the country. Such a feat requires constant development & self assessment to grow in the right direction. Bachpan has worked with a single vision of improving with every year and all the positive results are consequences of such efforts put in continuously.

Conceived at the time when household play schools were a trend, Bachpan play school has carved a niche for itself. This is what the official website of the school introduces us to, and having charted the growth of the school in the past decade and more, there is no reason to disagree. The school prides itself on not putting the kids under too much pressure through programs specifically designed to suit the needs of children. It brings in the expertise of a professional while maintaining the calm atmosphere required of a play school. The popular feedback and encouragement received from parents on platforms such as Facebook, Google only confirms the claims of the institute that they ensure a positive environment for children. The school has also made good use of technology to further this cause.

12 years is a time long enough to lay a groundwork for better things to come. With its policies well defined, and a network well established Bachpan can only rise to new heights from here, carrying on its successive run so far. Along with its reputation, it carries social responsibility and an opportunity to revolutionize the ways of teaching. Fortunately, Bachpan has never failed to impress.

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