Best Krishna Janmashtami Activities for the Preschool Kids

Janmashtami activities

Krishna Janmashtami, an Indian festival that is known for being very enjoyable, is almost approaching. Dahi handi competitions, a plethora of milk-based desserts, and the cutest sight of all — so many little Krishnas — are all present. Since Krishna Janmashtami celebrates the occasion of Krishna’s birth, attention is given to Krishna as a child, hence there are lots of kid-friendly Janmashtami activities at this festival. With this collection of Krishna Janmashtami Activities for the preschool kids, we’ll make sure the youngsters are busier this year.


Jhula Making Activity


As we previously mentioned, Janmashtami commemorates the birth of Krishna, so to mark the occasion, many homes display tiny cradles or ‘Jhulas’. A lovely Jhula craft that uses fabric in vibrant colors can attract a lot of preschool kids. Make the craft with the older kids and let the younger ones take turns swinging it while they work on it.


Let them Color Pages


Looking for some engrossing activities for kids while you finish off your planning? Hand them Krishna-themed coloring papers, which you can get for free from the internet. There are numerous choices for keeping the kids entertained for some time.


Dress them up like Krishna


Kids dressed as Krishna are always adorable and one of the most effective Krishna activities for kids. The younger they are, the nicer they appear. You could either buy a whole outfit for your youngster or put one together yourself. Simply follow needed instructions to ensure that no elements are overlooked and that the outfit is appropriate for very young kids.


Decorate a Krishna Crown


A Krishna outfit isn’t complete without a crown as part of your Janmashtami activities. Follow the directions for making a simple crown to build a charming little crown with your little Krishna. You can also decorate it in whatever way you want and keep it as dazzling as can.


Ask them to create a Greeting Card


As you look into some fun and engaging Janmashtami activities, you can assist your children in making a lovely little Janmashtami Card for their grandparents. Cut a matki-shaped cardboard piece and let the children design it with Krishna images, peacock feathers, and other such elements.


Get the much-needed Krishna’s Flute


Krishna is hardly shown without his flute, and your kids may make their own as well. Apart from getting one from the market, you can try teaching your kid how to construct a beautifully adorned flute from reused plastic bottles. This can be one of the great Janmashtami activities for kids. Because the processes are a bit lengthy, this is a craft for older children, yet younger children can enjoy it by being a part.


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