Prepare yourself before playing Holi with preschool kids

Holi with Preschool Kids

The festival of colors is around the corner and kids are always excited about it. But, we all understand what the excitement carries and can result in. Precautions are better than cures and with preschool kids, it is important to go an extra mile while taking those precautions. Kids are sensitive and parents have the responsibility of giving the best platforms to the kid to learn as well as enjoy. Holi is an opportunity to present a blend of both to your kids. If a preschool is arranging a Holi celebration at their place, they need to make sure the safety of the kids. Some measures can help you in making sure that you and your kid celebrate the festival with all the fun and no fuss at all.


These safety measures can ensure that your kid goes through safe and sound Holi celebrations:


Pichkaris need special attention: Pichkaris is one of the biggest attractions of the festivals of Holi and kids are too animated about it at times. Parents and teachers should teach the right way of using a Pichkari. Kids should be taught while they play in school that they shouldn’t spray water on the face, eyes, and ears of other kids as it could turn harmful. The better they will learn, the better their festival will be.


Say No to water balloons: Water Balloons are a dispensable ingredient of the festival of colors. It often invites hurtful inventions more than pleasurable ones. Also, the splash it generates can be menacing, especially for the kids. Avoiding it would be the best choice for the young kids and a pre primary school should teach the positives of it to the kids.


Applying colors with care: Colors are the most fun-loving part of Holi. Kids should enjoy it to its potential. They just need to be careful while applying it to someone’s face. They should be taught at the play school to avoid sensitive areas like eyes and ears. Also, colors carry harmful chemicals which could be dangerous if it goes inside someone’s mouth. These preventive measures are primary and necessary for kids.


Covering skin properly is a must: Kids should wear clothes that cover their skin completely. It would help their skin go rash-free and they would stay away from the fuss of removing colors for hours. Such lessons are usually taught at every play school for kids.


Go eco-friendly: Using eco-friendly colors would lead to avoiding rashes and allergies to kids’ skin. Some natural colors using turmeric, henna, and sandalwood can also be preferred, especially by every preschool. Such habits are positive in a kid’s initial growth as well.


Be cautious with color sprays and smoke: Products like color sprays and color smoke bombs should be handled in expertise protection. It is better to let kids be away from any such products.


Always track your kid on the day: Holi sometimes can be a mess because of some unwanted and irresistible people. Parents and preschool teachers should know where the kids are and should always keep an eye on them for their safety.



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