Raksha Bandhan Activities for Kids | Handmade Rakhi Ideas

Handmade Rakhi Ideas

Raksha Bandhan is a significant event that celebrates the loving relationship between a brother and a sister. This pleasant day is marked on the full moon in the lunar calendar month of Shravana. It will be celebrated on August 11th this year.

As part of the Rakhi celebrations, preschools in India conduct a variety of exciting activities for children. Rakhi activities for kids can be planned for preschool kids before the festival to get them engaged and boost their creativity. Handmade Rakhi can be an option that delights the kid and invites a sense of creativity too. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most prominent Raksha Bandhan activities for preschoolers to make this a memorable celebration for your child.


Let Them Decorate The Classes


You can get the students involved in preparing their classrooms for Rakhi. Give them a few colorful items and assist them in entirely transforming their classroom into an adventurous setting for Raksha Bandhan festivities. Include their Handmade Rakhi in decorations to make them happy. They will not only master the fundamentals of decorating, but they will also gain group skills, social skills, and increased confidence because of such Raksha Bandhan activities.


Organize A Thali Decorating Competition


Several preschools host a Rakhi Thali decorating competition. Every kid is expected to design a thali for the Raksha Bandhan ceremonies. This way, children learn what is needed in a pooja thali for Raksha Bandhan as well as numerous ways to decorate it. No doubt their Handmade Rakhi would be a major attraction. Learn how to make one in the next step. Since it’s a competition, each child works hard to create the best thali that can win him a reward.


Teach Them To Make A Handmade Rakhi

Here’s the all-important and attractive handmade rakhi activity. You can push kids to put in their creativity and follow the steps given below.


You’ll Need:


  • Scissors
  • Thread made of cotton
  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Foam
  • Colors
  • Feathers
  • Your choice of beads and other ornamental accessories


How To Make:


  • Cut out paper in the shape of your desired rakhi design, such as Swastik, Om, or any other design, using scissors.
  • Cut the foam into the form of a paper cutout.
  • Using the glue, stick the paper to the foam.
  • Colors, feathers, beads, and other ornamental objects can be used to beautify your rakhi design on paper.
  • Attach the paper-and-foam rakhi design in the center of the thread, and your rakhi is complete.


Board Decoration for Raksha Bandhan


Giving students the duty of decorating the classroom notice board for Rakhi is another beneficial method to employ their ideas and innovation. Every school creates and decorates a notice board for future activities. These kinds of Raksha Bandhan activities at school are extremely rewarding since they not only get the task done but also allow kids to discover their inner creativity and learn new ways to do so.



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