Importance of celebrating every festival for preschool kids

Preschool Kids

Every festival has its charm and the kids enjoy it the most for sure. Parents and teachers have the responsibility of not only making sure that the preschool kids enjoy every festival but learn as many things as possible from them. Festivals are not just mere celebrations of a day. All of them carry a story behind them and offer a lot of positives that can be a great influence on any child. It can ignite several moral values, and help them in differentiating between the good and the bad. We are fortunate to be living in a country where cultural diversification allows you to go to an extent and teach as many life lessons as possible to the young minds through our history only.


Here are some advantages preschool kids would enjoy when you celebrate every festival enthusiastically with them:


The Essence of Togetherness


Festivals are celebrated with groups like friends, family, neighbors, etc. It gives you a feeling of togetherness and everyone wants to get connected and be happy together. This is an excellent trait that children also try to learn at a kids’ preschool. Festivals offer a wider opportunity to instill this trait in young minds.


The Practice of Sharing


It is important to make preschool kids learn the habit of sharing what they have with their peers. The sharing of gifts and sweets among each other during festivals develops a sense of realizing someone’s happiness and how beautiful it feels to see someone happy because of you. They also learn to be grateful for anything they receive from others during the festivals. All of it makes them inch closer to good habits.


Cultural Learnings


Several festivals are celebrated in several ways because of the diversification of area, culture, and practices in our country. Festivals are a great medium to make kids aware of one’s culture during play school learning only. They can know about the different traditions and customs of different religions and yet celebrate it as a single identity of Indian citizens.


Social Skills


There are a lot of people to engage with during the festivals. Children observe and learn various characteristics of behaving socially because of it. Preschool kids have the tendency to observe and learn and festivals offer them opportunities to witness individuals greeting, welcoming, and embracing each other in the best form. There are bonds made and enmity is destroyed with warm and sweet interactions.


Visualization Skills


When kids learn about different stories and the inspiration behind festivals they develop a sense of visualization in them. They try to visualize what they are taught even in the best preschool. Festivals give them real-life characters and a storyline to imagine where sometimes they can develop a lot of questions and learn from them.


Awareness of the Society and History


There are a lot of things to learn and increase general awareness at the festivals. Preschools can inculcate all of it in their methods of teaching children to get the best results. Festivals are a ray of happiness for the kids and when they are happy, they are at the best of their potential and have the best chances to learn as well.



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