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Childhood is the best phase to learn and develop to the utmost potential. Everything around your child can be used to teach them if utilized properly. Schools are not the only place where children learn basic lessons. It starts from your home as soon as your child begins to understand things. Remember you are the first teacher of your child but never make them realize the same with your actions. Keep it easy and simple for them so that they have the freedom of living their childhood with all the joy. Activities at home are fun and would not only boost your child’s productivity or creativity but will enhance your bonding, leading to emotional and social development. The minor developments are responsible for overall growth that helps your child in daily life. Preschools look after the needs of young lads in different ways. Interactive activities are the primary source of it. The preschool curriculum is specially designed around such activities that engage children easily and work on polishing the capabilities that lie within them. Regular activities at home would turn beneficial for your child’s productivity at school too.

Here are a few activities that you can conduct at your home easily

Playing Learning Games

There are several kinds of indoor games available in the market that allow kids to play with numbers, alphabets, shapes, and colors. Puzzles or box games are common that can enhance the reasoning skills of a child. When your child starts recognizing objects by shapes, sizes, and colors, it means he/she is developing the sense of differentiation that comes under the cognitive ability of the child. Preschools are known for making kids learn through games, you can ask them about several useful games and then work on them at your home.

Identifying different objects

There should be a lot of objects at your home that the kid would not be aware of, being a toddler. You can slowly start introducing those objects to your kids and should ask them to differentiate them based on their size, color, and shape. It is a basic lesson that your kid also starts learning in a preschool. You can give a push in the brainstorming of your kid by conducting such easy activities. Your child would grow and would be aware of everything around you. Remember learning is a process that is slow in the beginning. Never force anything on the raw minds of young lads, it can affect their growth too.

Counting and Measuring Ingredients in the Kitchen

Cooking is one of the best activities to make your child think and learn. Your child would always be interested in the food. Hence, you can attract a child to the kitchen easily. There are a lot of ingredients and a complete process involved when you cook anything. You can ask your child to count the items or measure the amount used in a recipe. Such regular practices would be interesting and full of lessons for your child. Preschools are not much involved in the cooking practices but encourage parents to get their kids involved with them in the kitchen while they cook. There are several scientific logic that would hit the curiosity within a child and in the process, your child would start developing both physically and mentally.


A practice that your kid would love. Planting a new tree means so much to all of us. It can turn interesting for children if you teach about the importance of a plant to your kid. You can also make the process interesting by connecting it to life. Plants can fascinate children, so take them alongside when you shower a plant or feed pesticides to it.

Reading signs and symbols

You can read out different letters, numbers, and alphabets to your kids during your walk on a road or while watchingT.V. When you read out something, you are not just introducing new things to your child, you are working on the phonics as well. Your kid deeply observes the sound you are making and that is how they learn the art of speaking and pronouncing. So, be very aware when you speak out in front of your child.

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