Activities on Gandhi Jayanti for Preschool Kids

Gandhi Jayanti

As we all know that Gandhi Jayanti is arriving very soon and this day is termed “The International Day of Non-violence”, which is celebrated on 2nd October every year and declared a national holiday. Mahatma Gandhi is known as the Father of the Nation who undoubtedly fought against the British empire in his own approach.

It is imperative for preschool kids to learn about Gandhi Ji and his teachings


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a Lawyer and stayed in South Africa for 21 years where he willingly was on the Britisher side when they colonized South Africa. The day when he was racially discriminated while his time in South Africa, he decided to come back to India and start the anti-colonial political campaign.

Mahatma Gandhi became the leader of several campaigns including a non-violent tax revolt, the Civil Disobedience Movement, and the Satyagrah Movement. He became the leader of the Indian National Congress in 1921.

Gandhiji helped to ease poverty, extend women’s rights, and develop religious and ethnic peace and caste-based ostracism. The teachings of Gandhi Ji are very necessary for the kids as it leads to a rightful path and does not hurt sentiments based on religion, caste, and class.


Facts about Gandhiji 


  • He was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 5 times
  • He wrote letters to famous people like Tolstoy, Einstein, and Charlie Chaplin
  • He is the only Indian until now who won “the person of the year” in Times Magazine for Salt Satyagraha
  • Steve Jobs was an admirer of Gandhi Ji and his round glasses were a tribute to him.
  • He was known as Mahatma Gandhi due to the incident when he visited Shantiniketan to meet Rabindranath Tagore and called him ‘Namaste Gurudev’, Tagore instantly replied if I am Gurudev for you, “You are a Mahatma (great soul).”
  • According to Harper Collins in 1999, Gandhiji’s autobiography “An Autobiography of My experiments with the Truth” is one of the most important spiritual books of the 20th century
  •  He spoke English with an Irish accent as his first teacher was an Irishman
  • The image in the currency note is not a painting but a mirrored image of a photograph taken at Rashtrapati Bhavan
  • Gandhi Ji was assassinated by a Hindu leader, Nathuram Godse in 1948


Activities to Perform in Preschool for Gandhi Jayanti


Here are some teachings of Gandhi Ji and activities on Gandhi Jayanti for the Preschool kids to understand the importance of Gandhi Jayanti.

  1. Always do the right thing
  2. Practice forgiveness, not revenge
  3. Live a simple life
  4. Habituate cleanliness and personal hygiene
  5. Look for positivity everywhere
  6. Be truthful and honest


Activities that might help little tots:


  • Dressing up like him, with an introduction to the teachings of Gandhi Ji
  • Making placards on the teachings of Gandhi Ji and explaining them
  • Visit a Mahatma Gandhi Museum
  • Introduce them to Charkha and its benefits
  • Play a game about Truth, like, ‘Have you ever told a lie to someone? Or ‘Have you ever snuck a snack on someone even when told not to?
  • Talk about 3 Wise Monkeys; See no evil, Hear no Evil and Speak no evil
  • A Cleanliness Drive on the Importance of Cleanliness
  • Movie time. Here are a few Indian movies that kids can watch
  1. Lage Raho Munna Bhai
  2. Gandhi
  3. Gandhigiri
  4. Making of Mahatma

Mahatma Gandhi was not just a patriot who fought for his country to get free from colonial rule for almost a century, but he also was an ideal who had a peculiar approach towards mankind which makes him one of a kind. Wishing you a philosophical Gandhi Jayanti!


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