High-quality child care is important for child development

Child care

High-quality child care can definitely have a positive effect on children’s development and school readiness by providing valuable educational and social experiences. Play school is the first place where they spend their time under the supervision and care of trained teachers. Bachpan plays school is nationally recognized and offers a well-versed arranged and beautiful environment to our kids. With our […]

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Child's development

A child’s early education is very important for the right development of a kid because early childhood education is the foundation for a bright future. It provides a strong base for constant learning and learning abilities, including cognitive and social development. Bachpan is endlessly serving a high-quality programmed learning way to toddlers so that they can bloom beautifully and achieve […]

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A high quality child care can have a positive influence on children’s growth and development

child care

We all know that every child is unique and different in their own style, we can not compare them just because they all are different and have different qualities. We should respect them and allow them to express their feelings. Good parenting plays a very important role in children’s growth and development.  Being a parent we must give few minutes […]

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