Tips to keep your child away from aggression

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Kids who go to preschool are in a phase where they are learning regularly and learning is a process that can make you impatient and lose your control at times. Children who are out of their infancy have not developed enough to understand the process and adapt accordingly. Your child can act aggressively when he/she is tired or hungry as well. Parents need to observe their children and conclude what triggers them to be impatient and act like that at times. Any change in their daily routine can become a reason behind sudden aggression within a child. For example, when a child starts going to a nursery school he/she feels the change in treatment and reacts to the involvement of new faces. This might trigger the child to behave aggressively and here comes the role of parents and even teachers to manage the behaviour of the child using some fun activities and providing much-needed support. Kids’ Schools are known to conduct activities to keep the kids away from aggressive behaviour.

Be patient and Calm

When kids are over-expressive and excited, parents can easily lose their cool and respond in an undesired manner. If the child is full of emotions within a moment and finds the parents in the same tone of emotions, it might turn into an unexpected aggressive behaviour of the child. Being a responsible parent, you should try and regulate the flow of emotions of their child rather than governing them with control. Nursery Schools use such methods when children lose their temper and it has been working well for a long time now.

Be Quick in Teaching the Right things

It is never a great thing to leave anything in the future. Similarly, when your child starts misbehaving, correct him/her on the spot rather than ignoring them. Your ignorance is also a factor that paves the way for children towards aggression. For example, at first when a child is being stubborn about having a particular thing at a store, once you will ignore or allow them to take that thing, but this behaviour will keep on increasing with time and will result in aggression someday when you would not be fulfilling the expectations. So, it is crucial to correct them on time to stay away from the fuss later on.

Don’t Hit Back 

Many times your kid would show tantrums and throw away his/her hands in anger. Parents need to be patient and maintain composure while dealing with the kid at that moment. If you as a parent would hit back at that moment of time, it can create a disturbing bump in the mind of the kid and lead to even worse behaviour in the future. The teachers at any preschool would handle a number of kids and bear their tantrums but at the same time, they are trained to manage the behaviour with care and never lose their cool. Parents can try to behave the same at least with their one or two kids.

Be clear and award them unexpectedly

It is good to make children learn through some activities or programs but sometimes it might be confusing and frustrate them if the goal is not clear. Don’t try to slip in things along with your actions. Be clear about your instructions and make the child aware of what is expected from them, whether in actions or behaviour. This promotes transparency and calms down the level of frustration in a child.

Also, parents should try and award the child when needed but make sure it is relevant and not used as a bribe. The gifts should not be something financial or fascinating, it should be given according to the efforts and after the completion of the whole task. Such appreciation motivated them to be happy and stay away from aggression as well. Preschools are known for rewarding children when they do something positive and the method has resulted in encouragement of other children as well.

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