Should you fulfill every wish and demand of your child?

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Parents regularly put effort into building a happy childhood for their children. It is very much important to look after the needs of a growing child and provide everything that is needed by them. At the same time, there’s a very fine margin between wishes and whims, and parents need to take the responsibility of teaching the difference to their children. When you provide everything to them they can become avid towards several things at a time. It is necessary to teach your child the difference between needs and wants as they grow up. Remember you give them the things to lead them towards a happy and healthy life, and not towards the bad habits. Excess of anything can be wrong and so is the case with fulfilling the demands of your kids. Having said that, you should never restrict the entire process, serve their needs, give them gifts that glitter their childhood, let them enjoy their potential. But, only you can know when they are turning a little mulish and that is the time to give a lesson on ‘knowing your needs’ to your kids. Kids learn about the basic differences at preschools.

Here are some ways that might help you out during the process:

Discern between the ‘Needs’ and the ‘Wants’

It is the responsibility of every parent to fulfill the needs of their child and give them a happy time. But, when your child starts arousing desires that are regularly building up, fulfilling them would be like leading your child’s life towards failure. They will never learn virtues like patience, hard work and they will think that they can get everything easily. You can fulfill their desire too but keep their goals according to that gift. It is very much important that your child understands the value of the things he/she is getting, not in terms of money but in terms of lessons. When the ‘wants’ increases your child is leading towards a stage that would not offer satisfaction. Make them realize the importance of feeling satisfied with their ‘needs’ and that is how they will achieve happiness.

Let them seek happiness in the real world 

Try to get them indulged in activities that are more related to the real world. When your child starts seeking pleasure through materialistic things, they tend to forget the values and offerings the real world outside has for them. You should motivate them to take part in a sport, get along for a walk in a park,  or even a day out would work well for them. Such activities give them real-life values that are going to stay with them forever unlike the materialistic attractions. Preschools conduct such activities to foster these habits in children.

Make them learn from the failures 

Parents get anxious when their child makes a mistake and think that they are lacking some kind of service from them. They pamper them till the child can achieve the goal and want them to be perfect in everything. Such pursuits don’t help; rather they bring in a setback for the child. Parents would look for the comfort of their child every time, but firstly they should try to make them work hard and learn from their mistakes. Giving them all the ingredients would make them lazy and over-dependent on their parents. They would find it difficult when they move out of their homes and face the real world. Preschools start such practices from an early age so that the child can learn to be active and face fewer problems when he/she is into formal schooling. You should start looking for such preschools as soon as your child is ready for it. It boosts the activeness of a child through the activities and takes away the habit of being reliant on the parents for everything.

Work on making them emotionally mature 

Emotions hold the key to lots of things in life. It can create the difference of choosing and feeling between the positives and the negatives. When you work on the emotions of the child, they easily can configure what they want. The earlier they will build their emotions, the earlier they will adopt the practice of self-control. Such practices encourage several skills in a child too. You would want your kid to develop to the potential rather than the short-term happiness of grabbing a gift.

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