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Activities of Republic Day to instil Patriotism in young children

The struggle of our ancestors for the freedom of our country is inspirational. On Republic Day our Constitution came into ...

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Salient Points for choosing the best Preschool in 2023

If you are deciding to send your child to the best preschool, you must require guidance that will help you ...

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10 Fundamentals of Road Safety for Children

Parents ensure their children’s safety at home whereas, teachers/caretakers are held responsible for the safety & security of children at ...

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How young parents can communicate better with their child

As the dynamics of parenthood are constantly changing, this change brings so many hurdles on the way to providing a ...

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can brighten young children’s Future

You might know about the basic IQ that humans have which derives intellectual ability and potential of someone. It is ...

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Christmas Learning Activities for Preschool Kids

Christmas is one of the most fun and engaging festivals for preschool kids as it is visually pleasing and full ...

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Develop your Child’s Strong Vocabulary at an early age

What differentiates us, humans, from other living organisms? The ultimate fact is that we can express and understand each other's ...

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The Essence of How to Choose a Preschool for Your Child

Children learn what they see and a huge chunk of their learning comes from the environment they are surrounded by. ...

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Imparting Montessori Education in Preschool and its Effects

To know if a child requires Montessori education lets first know what it actually means. The Montessori Method was first ...

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Benefits of outdoor play for children

INTRODUCTION With the recent gadgets and technology, getting your kids outside to play in the sun is quite a task. Children ...

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How can online playschool become a decent option for kids?

Online Playschool

We have seen a sudden shift towards online usage in most of the things around us. The farthest anyone had thought around two years back would be shifting the educational realms to the Digi-tech platforms. But, the pandemic made it happen. We all have witnessed the usage of online platforms for classes, events, and various other school activities. The preschool […]

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Prepare yourself before playing Holi with preschool kids

Holi with Preschool Kids

The festival of colors is around the corner and kids are always excited about it. But, we all understand what the excitement carries and can result in. Precautions are better than cures and with preschool kids, it is important to go an extra mile while taking those precautions. Kids are sensitive and parents have the responsibility of giving the best […]

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How is play-based learning in pre nursery school different?

Pre nursery school

Play-based learning has created its space in the hearts of children and the minds of the parents. It is because of the qualities it offers and comforts it provides to both parents and children. Children experience freedom in it and parents are relieved that their kids are learning as per their wishes. Every pre nursery school has fetched numerous innovative […]

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Support your child’s play and learning with preschool teaching methods

Preschool Teaching Techniques

  We have moved ahead in terms of development everywhere and so is the case with preschool teaching. The times have changed and learning & play are no longer two different things at playschools. The mission of a preschool is always to foster the capabilities within a child in the easiest of manner, and what better than playing? Playing is […]

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Are preschool/ play school franchises profitable?

Bachpan Play School Franchise

  The franchise business model has witnessed considerable growth in recent times. This model allows the franchisees to reap profits early on because the franchisor has already established the brand. With the wide recognition of a brand, it becomes easy for the franchisees to attract a large segment of the population. It is lucrative for the franchisors as well in […]

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