Parent’s Guide to First School Admission

Parent's Guide to First School Admission

Are you a parent, excited for your kid’s first school admission? Parenting is very similar to the ride on the rollercoaster that brings out ups and downs of emotions and every experience with your child seems challenging yet unique. When kids reach age 3, parents get concerned about their preschool admission. We understand your doubts and worries regarding your child’s Preschool Admission Process. We prepared this guide that will help you in deciding on your child’s Playschool Admission.

Understanding the First School Admission Process

Good preschool education sets a solid foundation for a kid’s bright future. It is the parent’s responsibility to choose a nurturing and enriching preschool for their kids that will offer the best quality of preschool education and provides opportunities to excel in formal years of education. 

Importance of First Preschool Admission 

  1. Neuroscience has proven time and again that the preschool environment has positive effects on a kid’s brain architecture.
  1. The early experience of a child either prepares a strong or fragile foundation for the upcoming learning years.
  1. Investing in a high-quality preschool program pays higher returns to the kids than investing in programs for adolescents and adults.
  1. Preschool programs prepare a child for formal schooling and give a kick-start to their educational Journey.
  1. Kids receiving preschool education perform better in formal education institutions in comparison to children who have not received preschool education. 
  1. Preschool teaches children “how to think, not what to think”, which is very important for their growth as famously said by Margaret Mead, a famous communicator of anthropology. 

Key factors to consider when choosing a school 

Preschool Admission Process- Guide to First School Admission

The following factors should be considered very carefully in Preschool Admission Process:

1. Curriculum and Affiliations

  • Every preschool follows a different curriculum that is prepared by pedagogy and education experts for the holistic development of the kids. 
  • When choosing a play school for your child, you should run deep research on the curriculum of various playschools and choose the one that fits your requirements for your child. 
  • Preschools in India do not require any specific affiliation from any authority but prestigious play school chains are usually recognized by local educational authorities. 
  • Parents should choose a play school that follows state-specific rules and regulations. 

2. School’s Location

  • After deciding on the curriculum, the next step is to choose the location of preschool for your kid’s first school admission. The location of the preschool should be near to your house so that in case of any issue it will be easier to reach the school at the earliest. 
  • The preschool should be located in a well-reputed area that is well-lit and offers proper security 24/7. 
  • The playschool should be located in a serene calm location, without the presence of any busy roads and industrial areas nearby. 
  • Parents can also check the safety measures of their chosen playschool like fire safety regulations, 24/7 CCTV surveillance, and proper fencing around the school to ensure extra safety. 

3. Infrastructure and Amenities

  • For kid’s play school admission parents should choose a play school that provides an infrastructure that will help accelerate their child’s growth. 
  • A holistic play school’s infrastructure consists of spacious learning rooms, a gym room for fitness, a lunch room to learn dining etiquettes, digital classrooms, playrooms, arts and crafts room to develop young kids into imaginative thinkers. 
  • Parents should also ensure that their chosen preschool also teaches kids the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. Also, check if the preschool provides amenities like a first aid box and art supplies.

4. Faculty and Supporting Staff

  • Before your kid’s first Playschool Admission, it is mandatory to enquire about the faculty and teaching staff of that playschool. 
  • Parents should ask the playschool about the teacher’s qualifications to make sure that their child is going to be nurtured in an environment that is going to enhance their knowledge and thinking abilities. 
  • Before the admission process, parents should ask various questions about the policies, qualifications, administration, and facilities of the playschool. 

5. Extracurricular Activities

  • The preschool Admission Process also involves knowing about all the extracurricular activities a play school offers to the students. 
  • Extracurricular activities give kids opportunities to discover their interests beyond classrooms. 
  • Extracurricular activities help in developing social connections and are important for a well-rounded and balanced upbringing. 
  • Parents can discuss with their chosen playschool about the extracurricular activities they offer and also decide whether those activities are the right fit for their children or not.  

6. Seeking feedback from current parents and students

  • Parents can ask their friends and relatives about their kid’s preschool admissions. They can take feedback from other parents and students, about their playschool admission experience. 
  • The real-life experiences of other parents and their kids will help you in making a well-informed realistic decision for yourself. 

What is the Timeline for the admissions process?

  1. Indian parents generally take around 6-12 months for their kid’s first school admission. 
  1. The research phase of finding the playschool might last for 1-6 months, in which parents research the playschool based on location, curriculum, facilities, and the prestige of that school. 
  1. Many preschools open their admission process 3-6 months before the session in which parents have to fill out the application with all the required documents. 
  1. The admission process is completed when preschools accept the application. 
  1. A parent-teacher meeting is organized before the new admission session begins, to introduce parents to school timings, policies, and faculty. 
  1. The academic year in most preschools begins between April and June, varying across the states. 

Preparing Your Child and Yourself 

When pondering about the playschool admission of your kid in any preschool, you need to prepare your child for the atmosphere and environment of that playschool. These are the two major things parents need to remember to prepare their kids for the first day of playschool. 

Practical preparations for the first day of school

  1. When preparing kids for the first day at preschool, parents need to make sure that their kids are familiar with basic routines like using the restroom and washing hands. 
  1. Parents can label the belongings of their kids to avoid mix-ups. 
  1. Tell your kid about the importance of playschool by emphasizing the importance of making friends and social connections in playschool. 
  1. Parents can also visit the playschool with their kid a few days prior, to acquaint them with the environment of the playschool. 
  1. Parents can encourage their kids to go to school by giving them their favorite dish at lunch. 

Understanding your child’s needs and preferences

  1. To make your child’s first day of preschool a success, understand the needs and preferences of your kid. For a smooth transition from home to preschool, introduce the child to the concept of play-school. 
  1. Packing tasty snacks and giving them their favorite toy will help the kids to adapt to the new environment. 
  1. Tell the teachers about your kid’s specific interests and any concerns that you have for your child. 
  1. Establishing a goodbye routine helps in reassuring the kid that you will return to pick them up. Reward the kid with his favorite treat for being brave, at the end of the day. 
  1. At the end of the day, ask them about their experience at school, like what they learned or how many friends they made. It is important to develop a positive connotation regarding playschool in the kid’s minds. 

Navigating the Application Process 

With these three steps, parents can ensure smooth navigation in their kid’s Preschool Admission Process:

1. Gathering necessary documents and information

Documents required for a kid’s preschool admission are the birth certificate of the child, passport-size photograph, address proof like an Aadhar card, identity proof of both parents, vaccination records of the kids, and some other specific documents required by your specific playschool. 

2. Completing application forms accurately and efficiently 

Before filling out the application form for Play School Admission it is necessary to check the information that has been provided in the form is accurate. Parents often make minor mistakes like spelling mistakes, wrong date of birth, wrong address, or wrong phone number. These minor mistakes can cause issues later, so it is better to fill out the admission form efficiently with a keen eye. 

3. Understanding the criteria used by schools for admissions 

There are a few criteria that preschools consider at the time of a kid’s play school admission. These criteria include factors such as age, number of seats available, child’s vaccination status, socioeconomic status, parent’s education level, social skills, and language development. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is The Correct Age for Preschool?

Answer 1. Preschool age ranges from 2 to 5 years and varies by state and educational system. However, most kids start attending preschool around the age of 3 or 4, when they are developmentally ready for structured learning and socialization.

Q2. How Do I Prepare My Child for Preschool Admission?

Answer 2. To prepare your child for preschool admission, it is important to focus on developing the child’s social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Parents should strive to make their children independent in doing minor tasks like dressing, using the bathroom, sharing, holding books, and eating cooked food themselves. 

Q3. How Do You Enquire Admission to School?

Answer3. Parents can contact the school’s admissions office by phone, email, or in-person to find out about the school admissions criteria. Make questions to the staff about admission criteria, the application process, deadlines, fees, and required documents. Parents can also inquire about opportunities for school visits or information sessions to gain a better understanding of the school environment and curriculum.

Q4. What Is The Fee Structure for Preschool Admission?

Answer4. The fee structure of every preschool varies depending on factors like location, curriculum, facilities, and brand. Average monthly fees for a play school kid can range from ₹3000 to ₹10000 a month. Other than the fee there are additional charges that are required, for example, security deposits, and charges for extra-curricular activities. Preschools offer different fee structures based on the program chosen by the parents e.g. day program, full-day program, daycare facilities, etc. 

Q5. What are the playschool timings?

Answer5. Playschool hours are typically 2 to 4 hours for the preschoolers. Many schools usually operate on two timings for parent’s comfort. The morning session for play school begins at 9:00 AM and ends by noon. The afternoon session of playschool begins around noon and ends at 3 PM. Some play schools also provide the facility of daycare for working parents with timings up to early evening.

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