Parent’s Guide to First School Admission 

Parent's Guide to First School Admission

Are you a parent, excited for your kid’s first school admission? Parenting is very similar to the ride on the rollercoaster that brings out ups and downs of emotions and every experience with your child seems challenging yet unique. When kids reach age 3, parents get concerned about their preschool admission. We understand your doubts and worries regarding your child’s […]

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How can play school education boost a kid’s concentration?

Play School Education

One of the abilities that may be developed over time and through consistent practice is concentration. Although it is necessary for practically everything in life, it is far easier said than done to focus. Even for adults, it might be challenging at times to concentrate when needed. Children should be taught strategies and techniques to develop their ability to concentrate […]

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Your child needs a preschool admission to grow and glow

Bachpan Preschool Admission

  Every child is raw when they are born. The parenting, the schooling, and the social impact make them an individual with thoughts, actions, and habits. It is tough for the parents to decide a path to walk on while raising their kids. Education plays a key role in developing habits in children. It starts with a preschool admission. There […]

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