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How to Teach Forgiveness to Preschoolers

Teaching forgiveness to preschoolers is not an easy task. As famously said by Mahatma Gandhi "The weak can never forgive. ...

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Preschooling VS Homeschooling: Which is More Beneficial?

Every parent dreams of their child's perfect start in the world of education with the best preschool education. A child ...

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10 Best Short Moral Stories for Kids 

Are you looking for short moral stories for kids across the web? Stories are one of the easiest ways to ...

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How does Digital Technology Impact Early Childhood Development

Childhood is a tender age bracket and there is no doubt that digital technology has made a prominent place in ...

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How to Teach Children’s Vocabulary? 

Children’s Vocabulary Development is an important area of concern for educators and parents alike. This is because having a rich ...

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Tips for Preparing the Republic Day Speech for Kids

Republic Day is a day of pride that should be instilled in children rather than being a national holiday. Our ...

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Tips for Kid's Skin Care Tips for Every Season

As a parent, ensuring your child’s skin stays healthy in every season is vital. At Bachpan, we understand the importance ...

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Why multicolour toys are important for kids during early childhood?

As parents, you strive to provide your children with toys that entertain, educate and stimulate their growing minds. Among the ...

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Ways to Celebrate Christmas Around the World for Kids

Christmas is a magical time of the year filled with joy, love, and beautiful traditions! Did you know that people ...

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Franchise Business Opportunities: Unlocking Your Potential

In the realm of entrepreneurial ventures, franchise business opportunities have emerged as a beacon of success, offering individuals a proven ...

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Why is there a need for a Parent Teacher Meeting?

Parent Teacher Meeting

Preschool is a crucial time in a child’s development, where they lay the foundation for future learning and social interactions. While the school environment plays a significant role in a child’s growth, it’s essential to recognize that parents are a child’s first and most influential teachers. Bridging the gap between home and school, Parent Teacher Meetings (PTMs) are invaluable in […]

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Prevention of smartphone addiction in kids- Need of the hour

smartphone addiction in kids

In today’s digital age, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. While these devices offer numerous benefits, they also pose risks, especially when it comes to young children. Preschoolers are increasingly exposed to smartphones, and their fascination with these gadgets can quickly turn into a smartphone addiction if not properly managed. As responsible caregivers, parents and educators must […]

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Enthusiastic Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations for pre-primary!

Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations for pre-primary

Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi, is a vibrant and significant Hindu festival celebrated with immense fervor across India. The spirit of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations for pre-primary can be brought, where young minds can learn about this cultural extravaganza while engaging in fun and educational activities. At Bachpan Play School, we believe that every occasion is an opportunity for […]

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Activities to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami with Kids

Krishna Janmashtami with kids

Janmashtami, also known as Krishna Janmashtami, is a vibrant and joyful Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. It’s a time when families come together to rejoice and remember the stories of Krishna’s childhood antics. Krishna Janmashtami with kids can be an exciting and educational experience filled with fun activities, colorful decorations, and sweet treats. In this blog, […]

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Raksha Bandhan Festival- Perfect Occasion to nurture the Bonds!

Raksha Bandhan Festival

‘Raksha’ means protection and ‘Bandhan’ means the bond of a relationship. On the occasion of the Raksha Bandhan Festival, sisters tie rakhis on their brother’s wrists, praying for their good health and well-being. Consequently, the brother promises to love and protect his sister forever. Raksha Bandhan Festival, also known as the Rakhi Festival, is a cherished Indian tradition that celebrates […]

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Let’s explore Bachpan fun activities for preschoolers

Bachpan fun activities for preschoolers

Bachpan covers the best of the learning and is not just limited to books and pencils. It’s a place where preschoolers are taught by planning physical activity among children. These activities not only bring joy and laughter but also contribute to the children’s physical development and overall growth. Students love school because of Bachpan fun activities. Various kinds of Bachpan […]

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Few ways to instill patriotism in kids effectively!

patriotism in kids

Patriotic kids are a vital asset that binds individuals to their country with a sense of belonging, unity, and shared responsibility. Instilling patriotism in kids lays the foundation for their understanding of citizenship, respect for diversity, and appreciation of their nation’s history and culture. In this blog, we will explore eight meaningful ways to inspire patriotism among children, helping them […]

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Some Amazing Benefits of Technology for Preschools

Benefits of Technology for Preschools

Technology for kids when used appropriately and effectively, technology can bring numerous benefits to preschools, enhancing learning experiences and preparing young children for the digital age. Technology for early childhood learning brings interactive and engaging learning experiences, skill development in literacy and numeracy, communication opportunities, enhances brain power, fosters creativity and problem-solving skills, inclusivity through accessibility features, and real-world connections. […]

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The Essential Role of Toys and Playtime for Preschoolers

Toys and Playtime for Preschoolers

Toys and playtime for preschoolers is an essential part of child development. It must be considered timely and hence put into schedule. Through play, children have the opportunity to explore, learn, and grow in various aspects of their development. Playtime with toys, especially Montessori toys gives children great exposure to utilize their potential in the development of numerous skills. The […]

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