Ways to Celebrate Christmas Around the World for Kids

Ways to Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is a magical time of the year filled with joy, love, and beautiful traditions! Did you know that people celebrate Christmas in many different ways all around the world? Let’s embark on a delightful journey to discover fun ways to celebrate Christmas this special holiday! Christmas Traditions: In Germany, families decorate their homes with beautiful wooden ornaments and light […]

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Few ways to instill patriotism in kids effectively!

patriotism in kids

Patriotic kids are a vital asset that binds individuals to their country with a sense of belonging, unity, and shared responsibility. Instilling patriotism in kids lays the foundation for their understanding of citizenship, respect for diversity, and appreciation of their nation’s history and culture. In this blog, we will explore eight meaningful ways to inspire patriotism among children, helping them […]

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How Colours Affect learning and mood of Children

Colours Affect learning

Colours are omnipresent, and so is the innocence of every child. Children enjoy things that are vibrantly coloured. The Arts & crafts, interiors, exteriors, decoration and many festivals and events, are pictured through colours for everyone. Colour attracts children’s attention and builds curiosity, which is how colours affect learning.  A child learning colours affect his/her mood differently. Let’s see how […]

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Teaching Techniques for Preschool Children for an Optimistic Start

Teaching techniques for preschool children

The significance of a Play School in a child’s life is inevitable. To sow the seed of education in the journey of holistic development, our shining stars must get as many possibilities of growth as possible.  However, in India, preschool education is still considered prodigal. Is it necessary that a child gets play school education for an optimistic start?  To […]

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Choosing Play School Franchise Over Starting your Play School

Play School Franchise

Our Nation’s future depends on the upbringing and education provided to the young kids of our society. Investing in an Educational model is not just to save profits but also to contribute to the well-being of future generations.  The education sector is full of opportunities. If you are looking to start a formal school and do not have much money […]

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Make Mornings Merrier with Preschool Children

make mornings merrier

No matter how much love young parents give their children, they will always be cranky and grouchy in the mornings when going out to preschool. Parents in the end have to yell or force them to leave the house. Here’s a solution to minimize preschool children’s frustration and grumpiness and make mornings merrier.  Handing over Control  To make mornings merrier, […]

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Understand why Kids throw Temper Tantrums in Public

Temper Tantrums in Public

Parents often find themselves embarrassed with their children throwing temper tantrums in public and showing a major attitude towards everyone. When you are with kids, public appearances are always challenging.    Sometimes this embarrassment leads to anger towards preschool kids. But, this is not how one should react to little kids. Let’s talk about what you can do to prevent […]

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Useful Parenting Tips to raise a Preschool Child

Preschool Child

  Parenting a preschool child can be both rewarding and stressful. The stress often comes from the constant responsibilities, such as meeting the child’s needs for attention, care, and discipline, as well as managing household chores and finances.     It is important to remember that every parent and child is unique, and the level of stress can vary greatly for […]

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