Develop your Child’s Strong Vocabulary at an early age

Child’s Strong Vocabulary

What differentiates us, humans, from other living organisms? The ultimate fact is that we can express and understand each other’s perspectives and opinions through communication. People with an enhanced vocabulary are more expressive about their thoughts and have proven to be more successful in life. 

That’s why we, as parents, should focus on developing our child’s strong vocabulary from a young age. If you also want to improve your child’s vocabulary, these tips might help you.


Encourage the child to read books

Encourage the child to read books

Encouraging your child to read books is the best practice to learn new words and enhance your child’s vocabulary. Books can help teach them new words and sentence structures which enables them to use these words in real-life conversations.

For enhanced vocabulary of your child, you can make them read story books, comic books, poems, etc. as it will improve their vocabulary as well as invoke imagination in them.


Make a Word Chart

Make a Word ChartWhen children learn through practical activities, they are more likely to retain that knowledge for a longer period. For your child’s enhanced vocabulary, you can create a Word Chart or a Word Wall and ask your child to write on it every time they come across a new word.

Whenever they write a new word, you can ask them to explain what they think it means and try to use it in a sentence. Using the word in a sentence will make them remember the word and the essence of its meaning.


Introduce Word of the Day

Introduce Word of the DayChildren love it when they get to do activities that have a curiosity quotient in them. Your child’s vocabulary can be accelerated through fun activities like Introducing Word of the Day.


In this activity, you can give your child a new word every day and ask them to try and find the meaning of the word by the end of the day. Asking a question right away might feel like a test which makes children get annoyed but giving them time to explore and research, will make them more curious to know about it. 

You can treat them with their favorite edibles to push them to find new words.


Interact with your Child

Interact with your ChildTo improve your child’s vocabulary, you need to be more vocal and have two-way conversations with them. This will require a lot of patience and compassion on the parents’ part. 


Make them feel that they are being heard, and they can express themselves without fear of judgement. Doing that will make them express new emotions through new words and help them enhance their intellectual vocabulary.


Visualize New Words on Paper

Visualize New Words on PaperWhen children find trouble recognizing a new word, you can help them by visualizing the word on paper. Draw a picture of the word or a scenario that explains the word. This will help them memorize and understand the meaning of the word in a way that will help them use the word in different situations.


Visual learning is the best way to develop a child’s strong vocabulary and capacitate them to understand things on a whole different level. 

Some Extra Tips:

Practice makes perfect. It’s not easy for anyone to learn and completely understand a new concept on the very first go. You should: 


  • Repeat the same words for some time
  • Give your child some time to absorb all the learning
  • Don’t crowd them with new words every time
  • Validate their efforts to improve their vocabulary
  • Avoid saying things that can demotivate them


The Takeaway: 


The motive behind developing your child’s strong vocabulary is to make them self-sufficient and self-dependent. To make them capable of expressing their thoughts and giving their opinions rather than agreeing with the crowd. 


An enhanced vocabulary will help them stand out among the crowd and create a path of recognition and success for themselves in the future.




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