Activities that help toddlers in self-exploration


When your kids start growing they will have a lot of questions. It is natural to do so as you will do the same when you collide with a new thing around. Kids are new to this world and before anything they need and deserve to know about themselves. There are several ways by which you can do that, one of them is teaching them different things verbally. It is the most common thing that any parent will do throughout the process of raising a child. However, it might not work that effectively. Kids can be slow learned and might take their time in understanding things verbally. It is okay to do so as you can’t expect a 2-year-old to memorize everything you told them. The other way is to conduct activities and indirectly convey the messages. Such practices work effectively as kids get into a practice and make it a habit very soon. Practical experiences stay in the back of their mind and they learn a lot about themselves and the world too. Preschools are known for conducting age-appropriate activities that foster growth in a child. Completely raw kids can learn little things from activities and fun games at a preschool.

Here are some activities that can help children in exploring themselves

Use Mirrors

The most basic thing kids learn being toddlers is recognizing themselves. Use mirrors with them often so that they can learn to recognize themselves quickly. Also, you can ask questions like where is your nose, where are your eyes, and ask them to answer in the mirror. Regular practice would result in quick results and your kid would be able to recognize the whole body. It should be your priority to teach kids about the body and how they look, even before they move to a preschool.

Use tangible toys

When a kid doesn’t know the art of speaking, the first thing he/she would do is feel through the touch. Bring them toys that are squeezable, textured, or something that builds a sense of touch in them. Wrapping papers, wax papers may work too. Just try to keep them indulged with toys that awake the sense of touch in them. Preschools use such toys with young ones and the results are always astonishing.

Take them out to explore nature

Safety is good for your kid but you should not keep your kid closed behind the doors for long. Otherwise, when suddenly you will take out your kid someday it would turn stressful for the child. Kids take time to adapt to the change. Explore nature, ask them to pick up fallen leaves or a rock. Talk with them about the sun, moon, and stars. Such things allow kids to explore the world and know the necessary things.

Play with a ball 

Playing with a ball develops a lot of skills in children. They can catch, throw, kick the balls and that enlightens the ability to judge or comprehend them. Make sure you have different sizes and colors of the balls, it would enhance the quality of differentiation and boost the cognitive capabilities of the child. Preschools are known for making kids learn through games. Play Ball is a huge part of it, both in cognitive and motor development.  

Use slate and Chalk

We have seen how important reading and writing are for a kid. But during early days, allow them to up chalk and draw whatever rubbish they can. This inculcates a habit of writing and gives a start of its sense in them. Random abstract drawings on a slate would turn into creation with age. This is what the preschools do, they start from scratch and conduct activities accordingly.

A Lunch Date with your kid

Eat with your child often. It boosts your bonding and gives the child an idea of the products you eat, and also about the process of eating. You can start by teaching them the way to eat. Above all, your child will experience development in their senses, emotions with each outing.

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