The best preschool methods to teach five senses to your kids

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Children, especially at nursery schools, can learn about the five senses as part of their learning. 5 senses activities provide a hands-on opportunity to study, play, and explore new methods of learning. These activities are appropriate for children and they will also help them develop their abilities throughout their preschool days. The preschool teaching methodology ensures that these activities are engaging and the kids hold on to them even after regular repetitions. Here are a few activities that kids would enjoy and help themselves by learning about the all-important five senses at the right time.




Activities that require the visual abilities of a child and urge them to coordinate it with other senses are best for the sight sense. Read and Find Game and Celery Absorbing Coloured Water are two basic yet most productive activities for toddlers. These activities help kids in differentiating between colors and be attentive and patient for the whole process. The best preschool methods will always have these activities as a priority.




Some activities enable children to pay attention and digest what they hear. It is important to inculcate this habit at the right time in children else they might not process this during their entire life. The preschool teaching techniques include Sound Safari and Sound matching activities that allow kids to work on their hearing skills and grow in the right place.




Kids are sensitive and you might have experienced that the kids neglect eating something that is burnt or overcooked. It is because of the raw senses and parents can work on it even before a play school admission. However, the best preschool will always have a list of activities that are relevant to this sense of a child. The ice cream tasting test is one of those activities that are full of fun and allow children in exploring their taste senses.




Activities that need the sense of touch can improve learning while also assisting a child in the development of cognitive capacities. The majority of tactile-based activities aid in the development of children’s creativity and reasoning ability. There are a lot of activities included in the best preschool that can enhance this sense of a child. Touching alphabets and texture tray sensory play are two among those many activities that not only enhance the sense of touch but foster creativity and cognitive skills.




Scratch and Sniff, Smelly painting are two activities that would boost the sense of smell in every kid. The modern-day preschool teaching techniques have introduced several other activities that give a variety of options to parents and teachers. Remember not to experiment a lot while enhancing these five senses of your kids as all these senses are as sensitive as they can get in the human body.



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