How to encourage speech or language development in toddlers?

kids experience

Communication is a vital ingredient of one’s life and we learn the basics of it in our childhood. Children have their ways and age of developing and speaking skills are built according to it. Sometimes, kids experience some delay in the development of their speaking skills. Such issues are very much concerning for the parents as they don’t want their […]

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Best ways of developing writing skills in toddlers

creative writing skills

Kids need to have some creative writing skills so that they can express their emotions and exhibit their real selves. For making it work, parents require age-appropriate, level-wise, and class-wise activities planned for the children. If you are a parent who wishes that your kids should write in a fluent and proper manner or should think deeply about various topics, […]

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Make time to hear about the day’s activities

day's activities

Spending special time together and day’s activities with your child is good and important for your child’s development and well-being. Talking to your kid will always play an essential role to improve the bonding. Bachpan is endlessly serving a high-quality programmed learning way to toddlers so that they can grow beautifully and achieve their goals. We cannot ignore the importance of […]

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The best preschool methods to teach five senses to your kids

Best Preschool

Children, especially at nursery schools, can learn about the five senses as part of their learning. 5 senses activities provide a hands-on opportunity to study, play, and explore new methods of learning. These activities are appropriate for children and they will also help them develop their abilities throughout their preschool days. The preschool teaching methodology ensures that these activities are […]

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Positive attention

Raising a child is not an easy task, we as a parent have to perform all required task to grow our kid in the right direction. Positive attention is when you respond to your kid with warmth and with interest. Positive attention helps your child feel secure and valued and it improves the self-esteem of your kid. Play school is the first place where they spend […]

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How can we get children to move and be energetic?


Physical activity makes a difference in children’s physical health and overall development. We should encourage children to develop and adapt to an active lifestyle it should be a priority shared by all. Our unique teaching method provides quality education to the little ones. Quality education is an important strategy in our nation’s education. And we provide you the best teaching methodologies, […]

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