Unique Cricket Activities for Children

Unique Cricket Activities

Cricket is a great sport for the development of fine motor skills. It also improves their endurance, balance, and hand and eye coordination. Cricket is played in 92 countries and has a fan in each corner of the world. 

Games and activities help nourish a child from the beginning of their social, educational, and personal growth. As preschool kids are familiar with cricket, you can perform unique activities related to this game. 

  1. French Cricket- In this activity, one player protects their legs with the bat. The fielders/bowlers have to try and touch the batter’s legs with the ball without bouncing. If the batter bats the ball they still stand for the next baller.
  1. Wicket Challenge- Children have to hit the target placed at a certain distance. A target can be a wicket, cone, or any other object that stands still. When they hit the target, move the target a little back. 
  1. Simplified Gully Cricket- Fun games and activities for kids to help in their social and physical growth. Preschool kids enjoy and relish a simple game of gully cricket. It improves their social behaviour and encourages brotherhood. 
  1. Catching and Fielding exercises- Cricket activities like catching and fielding help in the hand-eye coordination of little children. A child learns a lot through coordinating how to catch, how to ball, and how to bat.
  1. Pass and Follow- In this cricket activity, the game requires one wicket-keeper and all the team members to pass the ball to the wicket-keeper at first, and then the keeper will randomly pass the ball to the team members one by one. 
  1. Cricket Quiz- A school can organize a cricket quiz at the school for all the sporty students. The quiz will include age-appropriate questions for the students. The quiz can be conducted using different colourful and attractive cricket props to make it fun. 
  1. Clap and Catch- One of the fun games and activities is “Clap and Catch.” This cricket activity helps students learn to coordinate their hand movements and reflexes. Kids need to develop their reflexes from an early age. Reflex and instinct always help in coming out of any complex situation. 

In conclusion, fun games and activities for kids relating to cricket activities help youngsters with overall holistic development with fun and entertainment.  


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