How Cricket Develops Good Sportsmanship Among Children

Cricket Develops Good Sportsmanship

Cricket is a sport that brings happiness to every Indian household. When deciding on a sport for your children, cricket is one of the best options for teamwork, determination, and good sportsmanship. It is a fun, social game that is easy to learn. 

Describing Cricket to a Preschooler, with the Help of Shapes

  • Cricket is a Game of Bat and Ball 
  • In an Oval shaped ground
  • The ground has a narrow Rectangular strip called a Pitch in the middle
  • With 11 players in one team, competing with the other team
  • A Coin is tossed, to decide which team is going to Bat and Ball 

3 Elements of Cricket


Batting develops Hand-Eye Coordination and Batting Techniques. Batting helps in building concentration for hitting a ball and coordinating hands and legs to hit it. 


Balling is the art of throwing a ball from a distance with a certain aim. Cricket for kids, especially balling, develops concentration and coordination in the right direction.  


Fielding brings the team together to throw and catch the ball to win a game. Quick responses and social skills matter in the game of fielding. 

3 Elements of Cricket

Impact of Cricket on kids

  1. Physical Fitness- Any kids outdoor activity brings physical fitness in check. Choosing cricket for kids is a good option. It helps in developing health and fitness from a young age. 

2. Social Skills- Children who play together, learn together. Cricket is a sport that helps in improving social skills. When 11 members of the team play with the other team, children develop communication skills. 

3. Good Sportsmanship- To be able to treat the other person in a fair and equal manner, tells that you have good sportsmanship. Children should learn to be true sportsmen for greater opportunities. 

4. Builds Resilience- Cricket for kids comes as a method of building resilience. Adapting oneself to adverse conditions just to win a game for the whole team is a skill to acclimate.

Good Sportsmanship

5. Concentration & Coordination- A game where the player has to concentrate & coordinate simultaneously, is a game of Cricket. Good Sportsmanship comes when the players are well-coordinated and concentrated on their game.

5 Abilities That Develop through Cricket

  • Good Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Ability to throw and catch an object
  • Teamwork & Coordination 
  • Ability to concentrate for a longer period
  • Patience & Discipline
 Abilities That Develop through Cricket


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