8 Educational Toys That Benefit In Your Child’s Development

Educational Toys

In the development process of preschool children, Educational Toys play an important role. As children between 2 to 5 years of age are at a crucial stage of cognitive development; they learn a lot through games and activities. 

Parents must take care of young children really well. They should get indulged during playtime, toys, and other activities as it is a great medium to get involved in your child’s thoughts and behaviour. 

Educational Toys act as a Brainteaser for children. Enlisted are some Educational Toys for your child’s development

8 Benefits of Educational Toys 

Educational Toys, games, and activities lead to practical-based learning. Children can derive “How things work?” and “What the result would be.”

  1. Robotics Robotics helps in boosting IQ and motor skills. It involves the design, construction, operation, and use of Robots. Robotime at Bachpan Play School helps in the constructive cognitive mechanism of children. 

2. Speak-O-Kit, Abacus, 3D Board Games, Sensory Table- Education toys through which children can try and taste the sense of the world and build sensory development. By Touching, Tasting, Seeing, Smelling, Moving, and Hearing.

3. Puzzles, Riddles, Treasure Hunt- Such Educational toys develop problem-solving skills and concentration through games and activities. Children at a young age need to identify the problem first and then move on to the solution.

4. DIY & Best Out of Waste Activity- Art & Craft activities help in the creative development of children. It boosts imagination skills and makes children happy and bright. Creativity drives children to develop a positive aspect towards life. 

5. Puppet Theatre & Role-Play Toys – When children perform tasks in a group, they need to get along well. They develop empathy and kindness towards others and this is how they develop social & emotional skills.

6. Clay Moulding, Virtual reality & Rubic Cubes – Educational Toys that have a motive of a result, often develop imagination. Imaginary skills are necessary for children to choose the right path in the future

7. Sorting the Odd One Out – Educational Toys are colourful, bright, and interesting for any child. Games and activities that aim at sorting one thing from the other help in building concentration and engaging children together. 

8. Stacking Games- Toys, games, and activities build friendships from a young age. By building things together and performing unique activities, they develop a strong connection. 


Playschools like Bachpan Playschool have a unique pedagogy system that involves fun learning through Educational Toys, games, and activities. It is the best method to enhance the overall child’s development. 


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