Cooking with kids – A fun way to foster your child’s development

child’s development

Cooking is not limited to responsibilities and eating needs. It is a bracket that can be expanded as per your efforts and choices. You can get innovative and learn every day, especially when you cook with your kids. Cooking can be a part of the activities that you conduct to enhance your child’s development. During the early years, parents need to work on developing the basic senses of a child. Cooking can be one of those basic yet creative activities that demand sensible inputs and give space to be creative too. However, you need to be a lot more careful and protective in case of cooking with your kid. Food is an integral part of one’s life and it is something that can crave anyone. Children develop an interest in the varieties and the numbers of the ingredients and they would be easily involved in the process too. It allows them to be capable of differentiating between things and keep their senses active while practicing different activities involved with cooking. Preschools teach about a lot of things that are included in cooking. Parents need to team up with the schools and allow kids to practically experience the basics of cooking during early childhood. It would boost several skills and make their senses pro-active quickly.

Here are a few practices and their benefits that you can fetch out from the process of cooking with kids

Developing Fine Motor Skills

Cooking is a lot about basic observations and implementations. It requires all your active senses and inputs of your brain at the right time. You can’t expect a toddler to be that much-involved but you can assign them small tasks like picking up and passing on the ingredients or washing vegetables or even mixing up some light dough. All of it can be a boost to their motor skills that would help them in their writing, coloring, and counting at times. Fine motor skills are best nourished during the early years. The schools conduct activities for it and your cooking practice would be helpful in it too.

Introducing Scientific Concepts 

The best thing about childhood is the curiosity that enables a child to explore things here and there. It is the best source of finding the real self within. Cooking has many processes that deal with science and enforces a child to find answers. It is not only about building knowledge related to the subject of science but helps in enhancing the thinking capabilities of the child. Also, they come to know a lot about quantitative analysis which improves their reasoning skills too. They will know the measurements and would count the numbers of vegetables or ingredients used too. Preschools use such practices to boost a friendly environment at the school. When a child tackles familiar objects, again and again, it gives them a better opportunity to learn.

Increasing focus, attention, and patience 

Focus, attention, and patience are the fundamental needs of listening, understanding and learning any basic concept or lesson. Children wait for the outcome of any cooking practice, they attentively take part in the fine changes and stay focused to get the best result of their actions. Cooking demands all of it and that is also what your child needs to move ahead in the process of learning. They organize their cooking by following each step that teaches them discipline and the importance of minor things. The result of their patience will bring more joy to them and they will focus on their eating styles too. The learning of eating etiquettes starts at a preschool.

Fostering Family Bonding and Life Skills

Food has a lot of power because it holds the key to satisfaction and relief inside a human. Great food cooking skills can draw attention and make a family environment healthy and happy. Also, food is always needed by all of us, kids would develop a habit of cooking on their own which turns mandatory for them at some point in life. The life lessons to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy, good and bad, safe and dangerous can also be taught to kids while cooking with them.

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