Planning to start a Preschool? 7 Tips for Choosing the Right Location!

choosing school location

With an influential western culture, edupreneurs across the country are rigorously working towards providing the right knowledge in the initial stages itself. Thus, primary education is gaining a major market share in the educational sector. With increasing demand, the need for the pre schools in the country is also increasing. Edupreneurs are working towards the goal of starting up a preschool with top-notch infrastructure, technical advancement, and best curriculum in the industry for attracting lots of young minds to their garden.

To assemble a perfect blend of learning and playing environment along with every possible technical embellishment, the preschool makers are planning and allocating various resources to task including the materialistic resources, human resources, carving out administrative duties and curriculum learning etc. But amongst all these functionalities, many people miss out on one of the most important things – selecting a perfect LOCATION for the preschool.

Location of a playschool greatly affects the prospering power of the kindergarten.  Choosing a location for opening a playschool is very crucial to the number of admissions for the enrollment after the inauguration period. There are various factors that determine the choice of location of a playschool and these factors may vary in accordance with the place.

Let us determine some of the factors that affect the setting up of a playschool in concern to its location.


  1. Judge the demographics!

The location for a preschool should be selected on the basis of the residential area connecting to the region. If there are no families and children living around, then opening a playschool is near to waste of time. Thus, the proximity of the residential area to the location of preschool holds a very important consideration to this aspect. Adding to this, the nearby reach to the people makes it easy for them to pick and drop their children without any fuss on transportation time.  Moreover, a preschooler’s parent would not send their ward to a far off place for primary education due to safety concerns too. Thus, keeping this in mind is a must.


  1. It should be open and spread!

A growing bud needs a proper space to spread the rays of learning. On an average, every child requires a minimum space of 10 sq. ft. Thus, it is very important for a playschool to have open spaces for children. Considering the batch timings, enrollment of the students per section and the open spaces around the area is a must. Small garden for playing and for swings along with nearby parks are some of the things that one should consider before opting for a right playschool location. Minimum space requirement may vary from 1200 to 1500 sq ft, depending on the locality. Greenery around along with lots of space to play and do fun activities will attract more children and parents to the playschool.


  1. Beware of Competition!

Opening a preschool in the location that already consists of your competitors is of no use. This will lead to the divergence of traffic of your preschool and reduce the potential number of admissions. Adding to this, the presence of the competitors will demand a much more aggressive promotion in the locality, leading to expanded budget and lots of time investment. Thus, to tackle this, maintain a radius of at least 2 to 3 kilometers while choosing a location for the playschool.  This will help you gain the possible traffic within the reach of your Montessori school and have a better brand value and market share in the pertaining location.


  1. Keep an eye on Safety and Security!

Two to five years, being a dependent age makes it important to be guarded at all times without a miss. Thus, ensuring the safety and security of the little ones is very important. An ideal location for the preschool should consist of a safe neighborhood around. Opening playschool around residential complexes is a good option in accordance with safety and space requirement. The location should be pollution free with least possible vehicle traffic for keeping up with the safety concerns.  Ensure that the location has some cameras in and around the premises of the playschool with child-friendly guards, both male and female. Monitored and registered entry in the playschool is a must.


  1. Hygiene is a must!

A place that is clean and beautiful always attracts more attention. Hygiene is often ranked among the top-priority by parents looking for a good playschool for their toddlers. Dump yards and scattered waste around the premises of the playschool will definitely shoo off the parents from outside itself. Thus, choose a location that is surrounded by greenery and does not fling a pungent smell and pollution all around, during the day. Not only does surroundings, but hygiene and cleanliness inside the preschool are also considered very important. No parent would like to enroll their kid in an unclean environment. So, it’s better to keep an eye!


  1. Watch out your neighbors!

It is very important to look out for neighboring properties while choosing the location for your nursery center. A playschool situated near a liquor store or tobacconist is definitely not a good option. Nor will a noisy place do any good deeds to the kindergarten. Your neighboring properties will define the gentry and safety concerns around the locality. In accordance with this, look out for an appropriate place!


  1. Accessible to medication and marketplace!

While you’re with fussy toddlers, you never know what might hurt them accidentally and the little ones might end up facing a health trouble. Thus, an easy access to the medical facility should be taken care of while choosing the locality for the playschool. Ensure that you have a clinic or hospital around the playschool for emergency situations. Not only this, proximity to market is also one of the factors that a prospecting playschool holder should keep in mind. Easy reach to the market will help everyone to tackle the last minute hassles for stationary, food or other utility products.

Determining the correct location for the preschool can be difficult and time-consuming. This might result out in becoming an exciting process for some and a tedious task for many. A good location will bring lots of benefits entailing to it, starting from happy parents, excited tiny tots, and higher revenues to progressing brand value. But, on the other hand, a poor choice of location might become difficult to repair for the entrepreneur.

Thus, keep these factors in mind, and start hunting now!

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