Importance of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) at preschools

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Children from a variety of social and economic backgrounds attend today’s preschools, which are becoming increasingly multicultural and multilingual. Educators work with kids who have a variety of motives for learning, behaving well, and excelling intellectually. Social and emotional learning (SEL) establishes the basis for safe and healthy learning, as well as improving children’s capacity to excel academically, in their careers, and overall in life.


5 Key Elements determined by Social Emotional Learning (SEL)


Self-Awareness: Recognizing emotions as they arise; making an honest appraisal of one’s situation, is about being aware of our talents and, more importantly, our weaknesses. With the help of Social Emotional Learning, multiple nursery schools are teaching this element to the young lads which is truly the right time to do so.


Self-Management: Self-management stands for regulating emotions in such a way that they help rather than hinder the work at hand; enduring in the face of failure. It is the responsibility of every pre nursery school to inculcate the basis of self-management in the kids so that they can create an empire over it and get better with time.


Social Awareness: Social Awareness is about understanding what someone else is experiencing; being able to see things from their point of view; enjoying and pleasantly engaging with a variety of people. To put it simply, it means social acceptance. Acceptance implies respect, but not always approval. These facets are decoded in the minds of the kids from the time they start learning. In the modern world where online play school is being widely accepted, the responsibility of schools is multiplied. The kids need to be taught Social Emotional Learning to make them aware of the importance of being social.


Relationship Skills: It is a compulsion to actively manage feelings with your connections; keep healthy and rewarding relationships while working in collaboration, and discuss situations to get conflict resolution. All of it is part of your Social-Emotional Learning which is best instilled during childhood. The emphasis is shifting towards SEL even in the online preschools in India, and that is something preschools should focus on to mold childhood.


Making Rational Decisions: We humans have to be aware of appropriate risk assessment, instant decision-making depending on all relevant variables, and be ready for inevitable outcomes of our various actions, that too with compassion for others and self-reliance. It may sound like a burden and too much for a kid but it is never a thing that you’ll achieve in a day. It takes a process and that process starts in the preschools. When a teacher defines different aspects of social and emotional learning to a kid, the process begins. Kids come closer to being human before learning the elements created by the world around them. This is something we all desire and deserve, so why not start it by preschooling your kid in the right way today.


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