Fun Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Writing at Home

Encourage Your Child’s Writing

Many students struggle with writing skills, building their interest and making it easier. It is beneficial to bring letters and words to the child. It is important to encourage your child’s writing, all you need to do is to add some fun while learning and practicing. The best way is to sneak learning into play. For some students, writing might not come naturally to them but can be brought to them eventually. Parents can ensure that they motivate their toddlers to write with several games.

To provide your child with the right frame of mind to love creative writing, here are some fun learning activities:-

  1. Building letters with yarn
Building letters with yarn

To arouse enthusiasm in children for writing skills, parents can help their kid trace and learn through yarn activities. Take a piece of paper and draw any letter in larger than usual size. Put glue in the letter and help the child to put the yarn on the letter. This way, your child learns the letters easily and will encourage your child’s writing.

2. Shaving cream

To make a child follow the instructions, it is very important for parents to set their child free in order to analyze them.

Similarly, to encourage your child’s writing, it is fairly important to understand how a child is perceiving letters and their formation.

Playing with shaving foam can help parents attain this. Take a big-sized plate and fill it with shaving foam.

Parents should draw letters on paper and simultaneously allow the child to draw the same in shaving foam with their hands. This will help to develop a child’s interest in writing skills.

Shaving cream

3. Play-doh

Rolling, sculpting, modeling………children love to play with Play-Doh. Adding some props with Play-Doh makes it the most powerful way to encourage your child’s writing. Play-doh also improves a child’s language development, handwriting, science, and maths skills. It can provide hours of fun and learning at home. Play-doh helps to develop manipulation through fingers and enables a fun way of letter formation.

4. Lego blocks

Kids can never get enough of playing with blocks. Then why not use them creatively? To encourage your child’s writing, start teaching them by making letters with blocks. This will attract and encourage children to learn and write letters.

Lego blocks

5. Make an “I can” book

It is extremely important that a toddler’s handwriting should be neat. To improve writing skills and to make it fun-worthy for a toddler to write, parents should help them make an “I Can” book. This book will ensure that the child writes about all his little accomplishments. This will help to develop pencil grips in kids.

To make this book, take a bunch of 12-14 papers and staple them together. As soon as the child reaches a new milestone like that of tying shoelaces, they can write the same in the book with good pencil grips.


Writing doesn’t always start with pencil, pen, and paper, rather it begins with a creative idea. It is important to first accept the range of development of your child and then build an environment that supports the skills of the child to encourage your child’s writing.

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