Preschool Safety Checklist for Parents for kid’s safety

Preschool Safety Checklist

One of the most important things is to promote the safety of children in every aspect. The preschool safety checklist is a tool used by parents, teachers, and students for the smooth conduct of health and safety inspections of preschools. It is important for parents as well as teachers to maintain preschool safety checklists. There are various other checklists of the same kind that are used for safety measures. Some people even maintain a daily safety checklist to ensure proper regular checks. Checklists protect children against failures because they remind you of the minimum necessary steps. Checklists help authorities draw attention to wrongs.

Here are some points to remember while making the following checklists:-

  1. Safety Checklist for Preschool

Safety checklist for preschool is one such checklist that should be made by parents while searching for preschools for their kids. Preschool Safety Checklist ensures that the environment of the school is safe for your child. This list involves:-

  • No hazardous substances in the classroom
  • Fire extinguisher in proper working conditions
  • Proper cleanliness
  • Availability of first aid and healthcare
  • Non-reachable electrical outlets
  • All furniture should be anchored
  • No waterlogging
  • Adequate fall protection environment
  • Cctv surveillance

2. Daycare safety checklist

Many of the kids have their parents working full-time, hence are sent to daycare. It becomes difficult for parents to search for a good daycare provider as they don’t know the correct approach. Here is a daycare safety checklist that includes the points that  parents should keep in mind to find the right daycare:-

  • Availability of first aid and healthcare
  • Non-reachable electrical outlets
  • All furniture should be anchored
  • Food services
  • Adequate fall protection environment
  • Cctv surveillance
Daycare safety checklist

3. Childcare safety checklist

Kids’ safety is not just about having a preschool safety checklist. To keep kids protected, a safe child care safety checklist is vital, which includes:-

  • Availability of first aid and healthcare
  • Non-reachable electrical outlets
  • All furniture should be anchored
  • Adequate fall protection environment
  • Tidy and hygienic sanitary facilities
  • Clean food-providing areas
Childcare safety checklist

4. Daily safety checklist

It enables us to evaluate the concerned area on a regular basis. A daily safety checklist makes it easy for the authorities to assure the proper functioning of all the facilities. It also helps to fulfill the preschool safety checklist.  

  • Availability of First aids
  • Proper equipment in the playground
  • Cleanliness in surroundings
  • Handwashing procedures in good condition
  • Clean floor, free of spillings
  • Adequate fall protection environment
Daily safety checklist- Preschool Safety Checklist

5. Preschool inspection checklist

These are certain pointers that are to be kept in mind by preschools to make their school stand apart. The preschool inspection checklist is maintained by keeping a thought about the demands of parents for their kids’ safety.

  • Proper lightings
  • Proper ventilation
  • Classrooms should be free from all kinds of hazardous substances
  • Availability of fire protection equipment.
  • Hygienic sanitary facilities
  • Glass doors are marked to prevent collisions
  • Cctv surveillance
Preschool inspection checklist


The above-given checklists are important as it provides comprehensive information about the necessities of preschool safety checklists. Safety checklists are an important tool for an efficient and convenient environment for children. Preschool Safety Checklist helps reduce the stress of parents about their child’s safety.

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