Dussehra Activities for Preschool Kids and its Nitty-Gritty

Dussehra Activities

Dussehra is a festival celebrated in the autumn season right after the Navratri( 9 nights) and the 10th Day is worshipped in the name of Lord Ram’s homecoming.

It is said that Lord Ram worshipped Goddess Durga before starting his journey to defeat Ravana the King of Lanka made of gold, on Lord Vishnu’s advice.

Dussehra is also called Vijaydashmi; the execution of the 10-headed Ravana, who abducted Ram’s wife Sita which took place on the 10th day.

It is important for the preschool kids to get to know about a fearless warrior of Hindu mythology who fought for his wife’s dignity and respect even though it was not an easy battle. Dussehra is a custom of felicitating “Good over Evil.”

For the playschool kids, the idea of Dussehra is to go to the evergreen Ramlila or watch the effigies burning in a big ground with hundreds of people. But have the parents told them its significance? Let’s read a story inscribing Dussehra activities for a fun-learning session:


Fun-learning Story as a Dussehra Activity


  • Once upon a time, there was a Prince of Ayodhya named Ram who was married to Sita. He had 3 siblings; Lakshman, Bharat, and Shatrughan.
  • Ram was given a 14-year exile in the jungles and was accompanied by his wife Sita and brother Lakshman.
  • One fine day, when Ram went hunting a golden deer for Sita, he left Lakshman to take care of his wife. But Lakshman failed to do so and Sita got kidnapped by Ravana.
  • Lord Ram made his army to save his wife. 2 armies fought for days before Ram slew Raavan and saved his wife from the clutches of evil.
  • Ravana, his brother Kumbhakarana and his son Meghnath were said to be the main culprit of this misdeed. This is why their effigies are burned on the day of Dussehra to commemorate Lord Ram’s victory for Good over Evil.

Dussehra Activities for Preschool Kids


Activities are a helpful and practical source when it comes to making the playschool kids understand the importance of something. Here are a few Dussehra activities that might help the parents and teachers in order to divulge children with our roots.


  1. Folk Art Form “Ramleela” — A Play could be enacted where children can play different roles in the story of Ramayana
  2. Noting down the “Goods” and “Evils” among children and destroying the latter. For example, Being lazy-evil, Being punctual- Good, Doing Homework on time- Good, Not going to bed on time- Evil, misbehaving- Evil, Taking care of Nature- Good
    3. Story Telling by the Teacher. Also, telling the kids that a person can be both Good and Evil but it depends on us that we choose Good over Evil.
    4. Visit a Fair
    5. Fancy Dress Competition- telling the class about their individual characters and how they can choose Good over evil
    6. Watching documentaries and series of Ramayana

For children, it is essential that they must learn the basic goods and evils of society for their well-being. The bottom line is that Dussehra activities help preschool kids learn and develop critical thinking.


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