Activities to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami with Kids

Krishna Janmashtami with kids

Janmashtami, also known as Krishna Janmashtami, is a vibrant and joyful Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. It’s a time when families come together to rejoice and remember the stories of Krishna’s childhood antics. Krishna Janmashtami with kids can be an exciting and educational experience filled with fun activities, colorful decorations, and sweet treats. In this blog, we’ll explore preschool Janmashtami celebrations in a way that’s both meaningful and enjoyable.

  1. Exploring the Story of Lord Krishna

Begin by introducing preschoolers to the story of Lord Krishna’s birth, the perfect Janmashtami activity for preschool. You can use age-appropriate books or visual aids to narrate the tale of baby Krishna born in a prison cell, his miraculous escape, and his upbringing in the village of Vrindavan. Simplify the story to capture their imagination and make it relatable.

2. Dressing Up as Little Krishnas

Preschoolers love to dress up, so encourage them to come to school or home dressed as little Krishnas and Radhas. Provide simple, comfortable costumes like a dhoti and peacock feather headbands for boys and colorful dresses for girls. The kids feel connected to culture with preschool Janmashtami celebrations.

Dressing Up as Little Krishnas

3. Crafting Fun

Krishna Janmashtami with kids

Preschoolers enjoy being creative, so engage them in Janmashtami-themed crafts. You can have them make crowns adorned with peacock feathers, create paper plate flutes, or decorate small pots (matkas) with paint and glitter. These crafts not only keep them entertained but also teach them about the festival’s significance and conclude with the Janmashtami decoration ideas.

4. Decorating with Love

Janmashtami decoration ideas include decorating the preschool with colorful rangolis, flower garlands, and handmade decorations. Use posters and pictures depicting the story of Lord Krishna to immerse them in the festive atmosphere. Encourage the children to participate in making these decorations, fostering a sense of involvement.

5. Music and Dance

Janmashtami activities for preschool can include playing traditional Krishna bhajans and songs for the children to listen to and dance along with. You can also teach them simple dance steps inspired by Krishna’s playful movements, making it a joyful and active experience.

Krishna Janmashtami with kids

6. Prayers and Reflection:

End the celebration of Krishna Janmashtami with kids with a short prayer session, encouraging the children to fold their hands and offer their thanks to Lord Krishna. This moment of reflection can instill a sense of gratitude and spirituality, even at a young age.


Janmashtami is a wonderful opportunity to introduce preschoolers to Indian culture through a Janmashtami activity for preschoolers. Celebrating this festival with them in a fun and educational way can create lasting memories and foster a sense of cultural awareness and appreciation. By incorporating age-appropriate activities and crafts, you can make Krishna Janmashtami with kids a joyful and meaningful experience for preschoolers while nurturing their creativity and curiosity.

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