8 Parenting Tips to Foster a Positive Relationship with Your Child

You must have come across different suggestions from different people ranging from elders, grandparents, counselors, pediatricians, to various parents in your own circle relating to parenting your child. Various people will provide you with distinctive advice at a different point in time.

With so much that has been gathered over time, parents are usually confused so as for how to parent their children in a correct manner.

We have already discussed the in-depth details of parenting and their types in our previous blog – Learning all about parenting and parenting styles! 

Now that we know about the tip to toe of the concept, we will discuss some beneficial parenting tips for you to inculcate in your parenting style. These tips will definitely help you foster a much better bond with your kids and ultimately groom them for a better tomorrow.


Tip #1: Me and my little one’s time!

Connecting to a little one from the initial stage is very important. When a parent fosters the feeling of connection with their ward, it makes the kid feel safe and supported all the time. Make it a point to provide a specified time to your little ones every day that should only include you and your child over few discussions, games, story time, or just talking each other about the daily plans. Remember, this me and my child time should definitely not include your mobiles phones or any other gadgets. This will make the little one feel good about him/her and strengthen the connection power of you two.

Tip #2: Manage time for outings!

We know that you might be busy all the time with work and other household chores. There might be a lot of problems revolving around you, related to financial, emotional, and social concern, but compromising the time for an outing with it will never help you out in any manner. Manage time to go out with your little ones, once in a week or so. This will help him spend a playful time with you and identify minor and major things around him. At least make park visits very frequent to foster a healthy and happy childhood in your baby.

Tip #3: Don’t settle for harsh limits!

It is fine to set some limits for your child so that he/she knows where to draw a line in different aspects of life. But, setting harsh limits is not the solution. Set rules those are flexible and are not too harsh on your kids.

There may be a time when your kids would want to do something else apart from your schedule. Just sit calmly and observe what he wants to do and tell him softly if there something to be done by him for the time being. This will help the little baby to understand his priorities as well as help you to understand what else you can add up to your baby’s schedule as per his likes and dislikes.

Tip #4: Leave a space for conversation!

There may be times when your child might not like something and tells you directly that he hates doing that. Always try to figure out what is the reason behind the same and never compel your kid to do the same thing immediately by himself. Tell him that you’re always there for helping and leave a room for conversation between you and your child. If you will aguishly get annoyed by these things and force him to do what he doesn’t like, he might not even tell you about his likes and dislikes after then.  Converse more and more with your baby as much as you can!

Tip #5: Controlling the reactive emotions

When you are with your child, make sure that you’re not expressing too much of anger that might frighten the little ones. Before interceding in any issue with your child, always make it a point to keep calm and composed throughout. There might be a certain point when you may not be able to control your anger, frustration, or temper issues because of some damage at home, or work stress, or his/her bad grades at study etc. The best way to deal with this is to step aside for some time and help out the situation with a peace of mind.

Tip #6: Say NO to Spoon feeding!

We know that you might be worried about the fact that your children will or will not be able to do things by themselves. But aiding them in every small task will only make them dependent on you. It is good to teach your children small things such as eating themselves and clearing the dishes from the dining room, getting dressed up, collecting their toys and putting them back to place, helping in setting the dinner table, putting shoes to rack, etc. This will help the child to become responsible for small things and feel independent about them. Let them do things for themselves.

Tip #7: Discipline does not mean punishment!

Discipline is a process of teaching someone the appropriate behavior to settle in the situation. But it doesn’t mean enforcing things and resulting in punishments for the same. Especially in case of kids, discipline should be formulated in a manner to teach them how to withstand in the community, become competent enough to deal with a situation and understand the power of control. Harsh punishment related to discipline will only make kids stubborn or depressed. Thus, it should never be a way out to the situation.

Tip #8: Balance the parenting differences

Yes, it is possible that your approach towards parenting may differ from your spouse’s approach to parent your kid. Thus, it is important to balance the parenting difference of both the parent to balance the bond of kids with both of the individuals separately. Let your spouse manage kids in their own way unless and until they’re out of track in their approach. Fighting in front of kids in concern to your child or any other issue will only pose a reverse effect on your kid for the future.

So these were some tips on how to parent your child. Watch this amazing video to get a better insight of “How to Discipline Children at Different Ages”.

When it’s all about your relationship with the little ones, then you better follow these tips for a lovable yet endearing bond!

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