Learning all about Parenting and Parenting Styles!


“Childhood is like a clay pot, it gets shaped as per the strokes of the parents. Thus, stroking it in a right manner becomes important.”

Raising kids can be difficult! Yes, it really is. With a whole lot of things stuffed in the mind, parents might face various types of difficulties in raising kids in a proper manner. From crankiness to mood swings, it becomes a heck of a task to manage everything along with patience. The type of discipline we impose on our children can pose a major impact on the life of the young buds. Being too strict or being too lenient, excess of both may result in verse effects of parenting.

But, do you know what exactly is parenting? Let’s find out.

What is parenting?

Parenting is basically more than a biological approach. Starting from talking to the little ones over dinner to doing every inch of the day for them, everything that a parent serves a child such as providing a living, intellectual, financial, emotional, social and ethical support comes under parenting.

The approach towards raising children varies from parent to parent. With the same notion, there is an abundance of habits or mistakes that are commonly done by every parent in their actions of parenting.

All that is included in raising a child ranging from certain habits or a combination of different strategies for making them understand things easily is referred to as the parenting style of the parents.

In accordance with the Diana Baumrind’s Parenting Style theory, there are four styles of parenting followed across the parents’ stream of parenting stage. Let’s explore them.




Authoritarian Parenting

What does it say?

  • Rules are meant to bind the child.
  • One-way communicational standards.
  • Anything that is done has to be my way.
  • A little one does not have feelings.
  • Just observe the child. Never try to hear them.
  • Higher expectations with minimal flexibility.
  • Less nurturing

About Authoritarian Parenting!

If the above-mentioned statements are true in your case, then you must be an authoritarian parent, who believes that the kids have to be much disciplined and follow the rules as in accordance with them.

Without any exception, an authoritarian parent does not accept a refusal in regards to their statements and are not even interested in negotiating on any basis focusing directly on obedience. This type of parenting style does not involve the young ones in any of the important decisions to be taken for solving problems. Ultimately the authoritarian command makes discipline a punishment for the child.

The implication of such a parenting style makes children aggressive and hostile. And in some cases stubborn at a certain point in time. In this situation, children also tend to become very quiet and reserved, along with lack of self-confidence to quote their opinions in public. Talking about it more diversely, some kids tend to become liars to avoid the strict punishments and portray as an ideal child for their parents.

Parents with this style of parenting are often dominating in nature and dictatorial in their say. They are usually status-ridden people with very poor listening power towards their kids.


Authoritative Parenting

What does it say?

  • Disciplinary rules are of great importance.
  • Reasons behind the rules are quoted properly.
  • Feelings of a child are valued in every concern.
  • Two-way communication is frequent.
  • Expectations and targets are realistic and high.
  • Nurturing is done with proper attention and care.
  • Foster positive relationship with your child.

About Authoritative Parenting!

If you’re following the above-mentioned traits, then you must be an authoritative parent, who designs the rules for children just like an authoritarian parent but formulates the environment for kids in a much warmer and healthier manner.

This parenting style highlights democracy for children, where they’re told every reason behind the rules and given chances to quote their opinions.

Usually, authoritative parents are quite responsive towards their young ones and shower them with loads of care, feedback, warmth, and support in every possible aspect of life. This parenting style fosters the forgiving behavior for unsatisfied goals rather than giving punishments to the young ones. They value the quality bond shared with their children.

According to the studies, these parents are very assertive towards their parenting style and standards, where they observe the conduct of their kids.

They want their children to be responsible towards everything in life and become a self-regulated human being with core values. All that they teach comes from rules and understanding, along with proper communication and not with the punitive methods of teaching.


Permissive Parenting

What does it say?

  • More like friends to the little ones
  • Provides warm comfort zone to the kids
  • Very low expectations and goals
  • Free-minded guiding agents
  • Help kids to figure out their own mistakes and problems
  • Fosters self-confidence by suspending kids freely in a situation
  • Consequences are not quick
  • Very little interference but continuous support
  • Rules are made, but only for understanding and enforcement is not really done
  • Happy-go-lucky parents

About Permissive Parenting!

If these traits are similar to your parenting style, then you must have been following a permissive method of parenting. In this parenting style, the parents are quite lenient in their approach to understanding as well as making kids understand certain things. They let children solve their issues on their own to gain a better insight of the future and various situations that tend to occur. Usually, permissive parents pitch in with the kids only if there’s a serious problem and helps children find an easy way out of difficult situations.

This type of parents are forgiving in nature and follows the proverb – “Kids will be kids”. In case of severe conduct issues with children, they may lay down strict consequences but usually, do not stick to it for a longer period of time until and unless kids are under a safer control.

Permissive parents normally become friends to their children and portray as a go-to person with whom they can be comfortable and talk about anything they like. These types of parents cherish the two-way communication channel.

But kids with permissive parents are more likely to suffer from academic problems and they are usually uncomfortable under authority and command. There are common behavioral problems faced by children, hampering their esteem and might report cases of frequently upset sessions.

Under permissive parenting, kids face a lot of health concerns, ranging from dental problems to obesity, because of no restrictions on certain bad habits.


Uninvolved Parenting

What does it say?

  • No willingness to communicate
  • Very less nurturing in terms of emotional connect.
  • No expectations at all
  • Discipline is never a topic of interest to parents
  • Lack of interest in the life of the young ones
  • Never restricts any negative actions of the children
  • No personal time with children
  • Issues related to teen life are never encouraged at home

About Uninvolved Parenting!

Uninvolved parents are basically least involved in what their child is doing and are never on the same page along with their young ones. If you’re on these traits with your child, then you must be an uninvolved parent.

With no or very little knowledge about the kids, uninvolved parents might neglect their kids at first place, but it is not necessarily done on a purpose. Mostly, these cases involve parents who are suffering from some mental or social issues or are a victim of drug abuse. In other cases, parents might not be aware of the facts about child development and are engaged with other issues like household stuff, work or financial constraints.

Children facing the uninvolved parenting are usually found very low in self-confidence and at times follow the negative footsteps imprinted by their parents, such as drug abuse, or gambling etc. Their personal happiness quotient is very low and they might also feel left out and depressed in the social concern.

In today’s era, many parents are willingly taking up this decision to nurture their kids in this manner, whereas some other parents are very unsure about so as what to do and not interested in the idea of parenting their children.


Right Parenting is a very beautiful feeling…!!

Right parenting is a very beautiful concept … Indeed it is!

In the above-furnished information, we have already read about the different types of parenting styles. Authoritative Parenting being the best amongst the all serves as a reasonable approach towards nurturing the kids. Because of a mild approach towards discipline, but a decent manner to cope with situations, children are more likely to follow the rules and share almost everything with their authoritative parents.

With reasons quoted to every rule that has been made, the children understand the importance of discipline and also initiate communication with their parents freely. Along with this, authoritative parents provide a room for correction in case of any mistakes. The fair and acceptable mannerism towards children makes them learn the same thing and helps them to take forward the right values for future generation as well.

Since the parenting style of every parent may differ from each other; there might be cases when one parent might not fit into a single category of parenting style. It will definitely be very beneficial if one combines the virtues from each type of parenting and mixes it up for extracting out their own convenient options to parent the children with a unique blend.

“No matter what, every parent is always keen to provide the best of facilities to their kids and shower them with loads of love and affection. So, providing right parenting is important!”

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