10 Reasons why you Should Enroll Your Child in a Preschool

enroll you child in preschool

In the budding age, a toddler is usually expected to step out of the protective parental shell and develop mannerism along with the habitual routines. The moment your little kid is ready to explore an environment apart from the home premises, the enrolment of your child’s name to a preschool becomes a must. But why preschool? Let’s find out.

When a little bud en routes his steps to a preschool, he has an ultimate open environment with unknown subjectivities waiting for him.

Providing an arena for a structured learning and specialized attention to every child, a preschool has a wide range of skill sets offered to the developing minds. A place like a preschool is very important for a child due to enormous reasons.  Let’s read out 10 reasons for you to enroll your child in a preschool setting.


  1. Strategies the routine for a child

Setting a routine for a child on the first day of kindergarten might be very difficult for a lot of parents. But, enrolling your child to a preschool will definitely help him to get into the routine and follow up easily.

First of all, a preschool will never become a burden on your child and will definitely attract him more and more steadily. The happy routine of a preschool will automatically accustom your child in the early stages itself.

A toddler might be fussy or the innate nature of the kid might not match the strategized routine easily. But, as and when the activities and interaction in the preschool setting initiates, the little bud will definitely love to attend and become an active part of the fun-loving preschool environment.


  1. A perfect growth opportunity for the young ones.

Preschool is the first and foremost structured variant setting provided to a young mind, which lays down the foundation stones of learning that will take place in an elementary school for a toddler.

Basically, enrolling your kid in a preschool will definitely help him grow better and grab the best of learning opportunities at a very young age.

A child will able to comprehend the basic instructions given by the teacher, face different people and make new friends.

  1. Grooms a toddler for kindergarten

Before entering the kindergarten’s academic structured environment, one has to be very sure about providing a skills development curriculum along with the fun and play-time for the little ones. A quality focused preschool will definitely provide a balance between the both for a toddler and help in effective nurturing of a child for the enrolment in a kindergarten.

A kindergarten is an academic-centered structured background in which a child has to start setting his footsteps on the foundation stones for success in the school environment.

In a preschool, a toddler is surrounded by a number of children and travels the path of the curriculum along with the peers. All the activities in the preschool curriculum are formulated in such a manner that it directly groom the behaviour of a child to fit in a kindergarten setting. For example, a child is made to discuss things in a group and learn the functionality of a group activity, pay attention to each and every speaker as well as teacher, follow the instructions, listen to the problems and create a searching behaviour to put forward the answer as well as wait for their turn to speak up.

The activities in a preschool setting basically compile the ability of a child to become socially active, develop cognitive skills, become emotionally sensitive and develop the physical abilities with ease. All the grooming techniques help a toddler to comprehend the kindergarten functionality.


  1. Developing a child emotionally and socially as a whole

A young child is always nurtured with extra care and warmth in the home premises. When going to a preschool, a teacher shares the same bond with the child and helps the toddler to trust people outside the secure and familiar home environment.

The quality rich environment of a preschool enables a child to develop the emotional quotient and socialize with other children and teachers. The care pattern followed in the preschool helps a child to open up and become socially active.

The continuous activity and progress reports are sent to guardians for comprehending their child’s holistic progress. Regular parent-teacher meetings ensure that the child is comfortable and meeting the desired goals and values in the curriculum of a preschool.

  1. Enriched Motor skills development

Coordination between the instructions and physically performing the task helps a child to start the search behaviour and explore the environment around them. This helps in overcoming the physically faced challenges and makes a child quite active for several hours a day.

A preschool setting helps a child to undergo a list of activities which helps them develop physically and mentally very well. Starting from running, jumping, playing, to a combination of various games and group work helps them to develop the basic motor skills in the initial stages.

Along with this, drawing, singing, talking, crafting, joining the blocks and putting their mind to use helps them to groom fine and sharp motor skills.

The coordination between various sense organs and body parts such as hands and eyes, along with observing and balancing also polishes the sharp skills in a toddler.


  1. Learning self-care and sensitivity towards others

The sense of helping oneself as well as others in the course of a preschool helps a child to gain confidence in self-care and holding easy responsibilities.

In a preschool, children engage in the physical activities wherein they are offered various chances for helping out the teacher or other toddlers in the class. They are expected to put their material in place and pick up toys after playing. The self-managing tasks such as washing the hands before eating, plating the lunch, collecting stuff and packing the bag, etc. help a child to realize the sense of learning new things with growing age.

A young mind understands basic rules in the games and classroom activities and also gains knowledge about value-based concepts like sharing and caring.

The conceptualization of a preschool environment helps in carving out sensitivity towards the other children in the classroom and helping each other in the curriculum.

The teachers in a preschool encourage the toddlers to become a resource for other toddlers. For example, if a child is a bit more active and competent in a specific activity, a teacher may ask him to help out others in the activity. This helps the children to get used to their peers and share a common interest along with a great company.


  1. Better and exciting experiences for children

In a preschool setting, there are different types of activities undertaken for children, that helps them to comprehend something new each day. The experience of learning new thing regularly in the curriculum becomes exciting as well as better on daily basis.

Not only the curriculum but also the events that take place in the preschool helps the children to work in a structured environment without any fear. They see, observe, comprehend, express and apply their new experiences in the physical environment.

It becomes exciting for a child to observe things that might not be available or possible in a home-centered environment. Different events such as annual function, puppet shows, fancy dress, sing and dance shows, yoga and gymnastics shows, presentations, story-telling and parent day out at preschool, etc. help a child to connect with the preschool, outsiders, and peers in a better manner. The memorable experiences generated in a preschool are carried along in a child’s mind, making it a positive schooling experience for further academic pathways.


  1. Developing the cognitive and linguistic skills

Attending a preschool brings out a bunch of new comings in the life of a toddler. Not only does it lead the initial learning and socializing steps, buy a preschool also provides a linguistic environment for children to develop their language and speaking skills.

Preschool, being a very structured setting formulates the mind of a child and gives a room for thinking and learning. The grooming of the ability to express along with the ability to think helps the mind to work in a regulated manner.

It is a very obvious fact that a child’s vocabulary and speaking skills are directly proportional to the environment he breeds in. A 3 to 5-year-old tender kid can actually develop his vocabulary ranging from 900 words to 2500 words.

Teachers in a preschool hold a toddler-centered discussion, where children manage to put their ideas in front of the classroom and construct sentences for expressing the same. Activities like this slowly and gradually increase the power of expressing and comprehension of instructions and simple sentences becomes easy.

Along with this, the introduction to different spheres such as arts, science, environment, nature, etc. helps them to add up to their vocabulary and identify the materialistic things better.

Apart from linguistic skills, enrolling to a preschool will also develop the cognitive skills of a young child. The activities that require engaging and observing, raising questions, solving problems etc. help in grooming the ability to regulate the mind, think and develop the cognitive skills.


  1. Learning to make new choices

In a preschool environment, the toddler has a wide range of activities to choose from. With different types of activities and enriching sources for each of them, a preschool platform enables a child to select the arena which interests him the most and dwell in that activity.

The teachers in a preschool are vigilant enough to monitor the interest of each kid and help them branch in the activity in a correct manner.

The young mind is completely free to make the best choice for him and indulge in the activity with other children.

Teachers offer friendly suggestions and guidance to the hesitant toddlers to join the group of children for better indulgence.


  1. Intensifying the curiosity of a child

Teachers in a preschool observe every child with a different perspective, wherein a child is asked questions, think of an age-appropriate answer and express their ideas on the same.

Extracting out the “perfect and correct answers” is actually not the ultimate goals targeted by the teachers. Instead, the teachers look forward to instilling a motivation to gain and learn better things. The ideas portrayed by the child-centered discussion helps the teachers of a preschool to map various activities ideally suitable to the environment and interests of the children.

Introduction of new activities and search drive actually brings thrill in the daily curriculum of preschool children and builds up the curiosity to learn further.

A toddler is usually connected to the imaginative world and has insights about different things as per the personal observations. One may fear about the monsters behind the curtain or other may think that drinking milk will help them in flying like Batman. The super active imagination of children just has a very thin line of difference separating fantasy from reality.

Preschool staff very well understands the active imaginary skills of a child and help them perceive the right perspective towards reality in a very friendly manner. This ultimately helps in intensifying the ability as well as the curiosity to learn in growing years.


So, these were the 10 reasons for you to enroll your child in a preschool for the better nurturing of a young bud.

A family is always free to choose a high-quality preschool with best of curriculum and balance between the routine and play for their little ones. Also, ensure that you tell your child all the good things about going to a preschool for lowering down the hesitation. Let your child approve the preschool for his betterment and make him feel the importance of his choice.

Now you have all the reasons to rush your child to the best of nearby preschools. Make the right choice and observe the happy development signs in the nurturing of your child. Hurry up! Enroll him now…

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