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Best play schools are not only a provider of modern and international education but also inculcates healthy habits in toddlers. Washing hands with soap before and after meals and using the toilet, always carrying and covering the mouth with a clean handkerchief while coughing or sneezing, exercising daily, brushing the teeth twice a day, and avoiding junk foods are some of the many habits that we want our children to follow. It only takes 21 days to develop a habit and this can help the students in staying healthy for life long. Healthy students are more regular in best play school and are better performers at school and beyond. The curriculum at our play includes a short physical training (PT) session at the beginning of the day. Also, we offer very healthy snacks to the students such as seasonal fruits to increase their immunity and nuts for vegetarian kids and eggs for non-vegetarian students to supplement their daily protein needs. Our school also guides the parents to keep an eye on the toddlers that they are following the health tips while at home. We provide parents with a weekly meal timetable for the kids that comprises a balanced diet full of calories, protein, calcium, vitamins, and healthy fats for their fine physical and mental growth.

Bachpan: Safest Preschool 

All the branches of our best play school follow safety norms and are guarded by security personnel. The teachers are exclusively trained in early childhood education which involves the practice of self-defense. This prepares them for the real world and makes them self-reliant and strong from the beginning of their childhood. We have gained the trust of parents, teachers, and school owners because of the inclusion of moral values, modern technology, and holistic approaches in teaching.

Bachpan Play School Is Expanding in Chhattisgarh

The students from our school not only graduate just with the knowledge of numbers, letters and rhymes, determination, and readiness for elementary and high school. Parents and guardians can visit the nearest branch of our play school to witness the ambiance we furnish for the young stars. Bachpan Play School has 31 branches in the state out of a total of 1200 branches in India. Bachpan aims to expand and to open more and more play school as we believe no child should be discounted from getting the best education.


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