Your Exceptional Kids deserve an Exceptional School

Exceptional School

It features massive classrooms which let in plenty of natural sunlight, as well as a huge indoor stage for students’ performances and assemblies. Kids love moving around our large outdoor area or discovering fun toys in our indoor play zone. Bachpan Play School provides a mixed-age environment specifically designed to raise children between the ages of 3 to 6 years and help them develop at their own pace, choosing their own activities from the Bachpan materials offered in an ordered and accessible way.

At our schools, the kids flourish on individual attention and achieve their potential in a happy, stimulating, and secure stimulating environment. Our highly qualified, early childhood education specialist teachers make learning exciting, develop enquiring minds and raise levels of expectation. Our annual day functions and celebrations of the children’s achievements all help to reinforce the strong family community and warm friendly atmosphere.

Need-Based Customized Curriculum

At our nursery school, children are free to work individually or in groups with hands-on activities designed to help them develop physically, socially, and intellectually. All the activities are wholesome in themselves that prepares them for later activities so that the kids move from one activity to the next, mastering each new challenge with ease. Teachers let the children explore and find things out for themselves. They gain confidence in their own abilities because the environment naturally encourages them to persevere and correct their own mistakes.

Children develop concentration power that helps them to focus on tasks and see them through in a logical way, learning to read and write with ease, developing an understanding of mathematics through an exploration of topics in concrete form. There are plenty of opportunities for exploring the world, the animals, people, and plants in it, and children get to express themselves through music, drama, and art.

We are proud to have gotten great reviews from parents, teachers, and school critics in all areas. It is a great privilege to be a student of such a wonderful school. We hope you get a sense of how special this school is for your sweethearts and we would love to welcome your children to teach them everything we have to offer.


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