How young parents can communicate better with their child

young parents can communicate better

As the dynamics of parenthood are constantly changing, this change brings so many hurdles on the way to providing a suitable environment for the children at home. Our kids are evolving so rapidly, learning new things through digital platforms and involving in so many new things at school that it gets difficult to cope with their questions and doubts. 

As parents, talking to your kids could be intimidating, and knowing that these daily conversations can preserve this relationship at a point where disagreements will become casual and opinionated. 


What young parents should keep in mind while communicating with their child


When you talk to your children as young parents you need to keep a few things in mind. Here are some suggestions that help you talk through awkward and uncomfortable questions that children ask. 


All you have to do is T.A.L.K. 


  • “T” stands for “TONE”

Watch your tone while talking to the preschool kids. Because children tend to adapt to the behavior of their parents, it is necessary for their future to talk to them in the way you want them to other people; with kindness, humbleness, and confidence. The tone of voice matters immensely while communicating with your child. 


  • “A” stands for “AGE”

The age of the child should matter when communicating with them. At the primary age, a child needs assurance and empathy. This way of communication changes at a certain point till your child goes to adulthood. Kids at a younger age tend to grasp unnecessary information about which they unknowingly seem to ask a lot of questions in public as well as at home. 


  • “L” stands for “LISTEN”

Listening is the most important key to communication. It is important to listen to your kid’s needs and their thoughts about the surroundings that you live in. It will help you analyze their perspective on themselves, you as a parent, and the society that you have provided them. 


  • “K” stands for “Knowledge”

Know yourself, know your child and know what you are talking about. The key is to give them the utmost knowledge that you have got. It will help them gain insights about one has to mend ways to live a peaceful and productive life ahead. 


What if you mess up?


There is no such thing as perfect parents. No parent has ever been a good parent at all times to their child. Thankfully kids are resilient and love us regardless of our mistakes. So, APOLOGIZE when needed, because if you will apologize to them today; they will apologize to others in the future when needed. 


Because every parent and their children are different, trust the process and most importantly trust yourself. 


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