World Tiger Day 29th July 2015



International Tiger Day is celebrated on 29th July every year. This initiative was founded and started by Saint Petersburg Summit in 2010. After this summit in Russia, many organizations extended their helping hands forward and started raising funds to support the campaign. International Tiger Day is awareness for the society to protect these wonderful creatures as they are closer to extinction.

International Tiger Day also known as Global Tiger Day is a celebration to promote public awareness and support for natural habitat of tigers. A century ago there were 1, 00,000 tigers roaming in the forest of Sundarbans, one of the largest populations of tigers are found here, but the battle for space between humans and tigers are lost by the helpless creatures. According to a study by World Wildlife Fund, the projected sea level will raise nearly foot level by 2070 and will destroy the habitat entirely.

We have lost 97% of tigers in a century and now there are only 3200 tigers left. Every part of the tiger end up for sale in the black market from whisker to tail they are in huge demand. Their skin and bones are considered as lucky charm for the higher class to show their status symbol.

The major cause of tiger destruction is the change in climate and as the study says the sea level to foot the remaining tiger habitat will also be wiped out and the worst hit would be Sunderban region (is a large mangrove area which is shared by India and Bangladesh).

The decision to celebrate 29th July as International Tiger Day or Global Tiger Day is to support the Save Tiger campaign is supported by 13 tiger habitat countries who committed to double the number of tigers by 2022.


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